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Love hiking, love life -- 2019Hua shifu furniture public welfare hiking activity successfully held!

2019/10/27 13:27
This morning, Crafit furniture, famous furniture expo garden, jiahua hotel group and many other enterprises and associations jointly held the fourth "ai-hand-in-hand happiness walk" activity in dongguan tongsha ecological park. With the theme of "health, environmental protection and public welfare", this year's "love walking" aims to spread the concept of national fitness through social fitness activities, spread social positive energy and spread love to every corner.
At 8 in the morning, ", love hiking, "the opening ceremony officially began, dongguan city, superintendent of public sports culture tourism bureau of radio, film and television and Mr Li chuang cheng, chairman of the dongguan famous furniture club, dongguan Crafit furniture chairman Mr Bing-hui Lin published a speech respectively, they to public welfare hike has carried on the simple introduction, and the participation of the hiking enthusiasts and keen to public welfare undertakings of loving people expressed gratitude and best wishes.
The hiking activity was kicked off in a warm atmosphere, and everyone was refreshed, walking around the lake and enjoying the "urban green lung" around the mountain.
This activity has received many enterprises, institutions and social organizations to respond positively, attracted more than a dozen elite team enthusiastic participation, there are also a lot of citizens with children, family to participate in. Bathing in the cool early autumn, accompanied by the genial breeze, or groups of people, or walking together, in the hiking, a variety of creative photos, the scene continued to laugh.
Hua shifu organized a phalanx of more than 100 people to participate in the event. During the journey of more than 3 hours, Hua shifu showed the spirit of the furniture people to march forward couragely and move forward with happy steps and vigorous posture, becoming a beautiful scenery in the walking journey around the lake.
At the check-in point at 8KM, Hua shifu furniture carefully set the stage and photo wall, so that everyone could leave a special mark in the activity.
At the same time, Hua shifu also integrated public welfare into the fitness campaign, donated a sum of money for social welfare in the activity, and became the gold public welfare ambassador of this activity, fulfilling social responsibility with practical actions, and delivering positive energy of "health, environmental protection, green and public welfare".
This "love • walking" activity advocates fitness and healthy life for all members. It is a form for people to return to their families. The majority of people can enjoy green mountains and clear water, family time and healthy lifestyle in the walking activity. This substance with Hua master shifu furniture enterprise idea coincides with mine, Hua master shifu is a furniture attaches great importance to the family culture and living healthy enterprise, since its inception in "create a better life" as own duty, through to the innovation of the furniture products research and development and the design of the household life style, to improve people's quality of life and happiness.
Hua shifu furniture will adhere to the corporate culture spirit of "love with heart and perseverance", actively carry out social responsibility through more public welfare activities, and contribute to the development of social civilization.