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Warmly welcome dongguan private enterprise investment chamber of commerce to visit our company exchange!

Brand information
2019/11/13 20:23
This afternoon, more than 20 people including liu renting, consultant of dongguan private enterprise investment chamber of commerce, Yin jiqi, executive President, xiao lijun, secretary general and heads of member units of the chamber of commerce visited our company. General manager Lin xukun and deputy general manager yu chaohai warmly received the guests.
Lin xukun, general manager of the company, first expressed his sincere welcome to the industry leaders and business leaders who visited the company in person, and Shared the development process and strategic planning of the company with everyone. At the same time, he expressed the hope that the service platform set up by the chamber of commerce could help the member enterprises develop together and achieve win-win cooperation.
This exchange meeting was presided over by xiao lijun, secretary general of dongguan private enterprise investment chamber of commerce. Xiao thanked general manager Lin xukun for his warm reception and thoughtful arrangement, and appreciated crafit.com's development achievements and development planning for more than 30 years.
Afterwards, liu renting, consultant of dongguan private enterprise investment chamber of commerce, made a speech, and liu Shared the origin with dongguan private enterprise investment chamber of commerce. He said that the development of an enterprise should not only be limited to its own industry, but also to get to know elites from all walks of life to realize mutual benefit and resource sharing.
Followed by chamber of commerce executive director of dongguan private enterprise investment Yin Jiqi made simple introduction to the chamber of commerce, dongguan private enterprise investment and chamber of commerce is the integration of all resources, expand investment and financing of private enterprises in new areas, large power member mutually beneficial and win-win platform, chamber of commerce will play a role of ties between the government and private companies, with the capital strength to promote innovation guan qi to accelerate development.
At the exchange meeting, xiao lijun, secretary-general of the chamber of commerce of investment in private enterprises in dongguan, introduced the member units.
At four o 'clock in the afternoon, the master Shifu Hua furniture Lin Xukun, Lin Xutao Crafit household general manager, deputy general manager, general manager of accompanied by the company leadership and professional staff of Leo kuo,, dongguan private enterprises investment chamber of commerce in a row, visited the master Shifu Hua furniture showrooms and Crafit household whole house design center and Crafit household brands exhibition hall, everyone in the household environment of different style experience personally sit sense and texture of the furniture products, the quality and service to Crafit gave full affirmation, innovation ability and manufacturing strength of Crafit approvingly.
The two sides indicated that in the next step, they will establish a regular exchange mechanism to enhance the exchange of information and experience, so as to lay a solid foundation for future win-win cooperation and promote the joint development of enterprises and Chambers of commerce.
In the appreciation and laughter of the people, the exchange visit ended successfully. Creat household trend and create a better life. The visit and exchange of the investment chamber of commerce of private enterprises in dongguan also gives Crafit full confidence. Crafit will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "precision, diligence and innovation", develop household products with higher standards, higher quality and higher performance, and make unremitting efforts to promote the transformation and upgrading of the household industry!