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Master hua furniture 2019 elite training meeting and "full house customization" tasting meeting came to a successful conclusion!

Brand information
2019/11/23 09:34
"New thinking, new model and new retail, marketing", November 20-22, 2019 China master furniture elite training and "whole house ready to customize" tasting at raf furniture headquarters and guangzhou respectively the Louvre art center of household, from all over the country more than one hundred dealer friends gathered together to master common appreciate China furniture "whole house custom and ready to live in a" new thinking.
All new module type one "mirror" heart
The "whole house ready to customize" tasting aims to let the enterprise strategy and corresponding terminal market, let master dealer friends clear China furniture "whole house ready to customize" concept and mode, and guide by a single finished product furniture store to the category of "whole house custom + ready household", making it a new terminal stores point and interest points, finally realizes the enterprise business and win-win.
The tasting contains ready fittings and custom products, soft decoration, style positioning, product culture content, in order to make people more appreciative master China furniture "whole house ready to customize" model, breadth and depth of product research and development, head of the material, structure, process of this kind of product design problems, made detailed explanation for everybody; The person in charge of customized r&d department combined with his years of work experience to share with everyone the order receiving process and order receiving skills of customized packaged projects; Excellent dealers to share their own experience and experience...... Dry goods on the scene, we harvest full.
China master furniture has always been to "high-end" as market positioning, 37 years hard work achievement "solid wood experts" brand model, now, in the face of capital boom, weak market, industry reshuffle unstable external environment, such as actively embrace China master furniture consumption upgrade, integration of brand channel, for those routes launched "whole house ready to customize" mode, break through the dilemma. This model covers design, construction, decoration plate, hutch defends, furniture, and other categories, integration of fresh air system, water system, security system, such as intelligent household system, standardization, standardization, industrialization, modular decorates means to realize soft outfit, outfit, whole to live in a harmonious and unified, simplify the procedure of decoration, decorate to reduce pollution, and accord with the aesthetic demand of users, realize the ideal of "high quality".
Learn to use the common crisis
On the day of the training meeting, Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of huayi furniture, delivered a speech and expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the dealers coming from afar. Then with "tactics" and "strategic" as the breakthrough point, combined with the current household industry development trends, encourage everyone to new challenges in the new retail, must break through inertial thinking, innovative business model, good at learning, have the courage to try, and hope everybody to earnest study of empty cup mentality, will grasp the theoretical knowledge and professional skills to work in the future, do, their major companies produced brand hand in hand.
In the subsequent flag ceremony, general manager of furniture marketing center zhu xiaokun from general manager Lin xukun took over the representative of the "spirit of master China" brand flag, and led all students to swear.
This training meeting is "new thinking, new mode, new retail, new sale" landing groom meeting, also be the kick-off meeting that faces year end to sell peak season. In order to make the course content accurate, the training will adopt the group PK mode for learning. More than 100 students will be divided into 6 groups and use various PK rules and points to quantify the learning effect, so as to enhance the enthusiasm and interaction of students.
Increasingly younger, consumer demand increasingly diverse consumer market, how to develop a broader market, mining more potential customers is a lot of dealer's pain points, senior industry marketing teacher use landing ground plans to teach "community and community" marketing tips, inspired students intense discussion, so wonderful classroom makes students feel more surprise.
Furniture market changes with each passing day, competition tends white-hot, how to cast off predicament through channel operation, seek outlet? Through the analysis of the development trend of the industry, marketing teachers from well-known training institutions lead to topics such as "channel integration" and "whole network marketing", and through case after case to warn everyone to change their thinking, take the initiative in marketing, do a good job in both breadth and depth of channel management, and then maximize benefits. The humorous teaching method benefits each student a lot.
After three days and two nights of intensive learning, students are full of emotion and struggle to express their learning experience.
A few days of intense PK and integral accumulative total, champion, runner-up prize also came out fresh.
After the course is over, general manager zhu xiaokun of furniture marketing center of master hua and guo liwei of deputy general manager of direct sale division issued graduation certificate to everybody respectively.
At this point, master hua furniture 2019 elite training and "full house customization" tasting meeting successfully concluded! I wish the family can make use of what they have learned, and create more wonderful things in their future work and life!