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[Master Hua public welfare line] public welfare to help the old, we are on the way!

2019/12/19 16:53
"Respecting, respecting and loving the elderly are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation."
This morning, although the sky was drizzling with light rain and the temperature was low, the nursing home of shatian town was filled with deep warmth. The activity "benefiting dongguan, helping for love", jointly organized by Master Hua furniture &Famous Furnishings Expo Park and the yixing service team of dongguan love volunteers association, was being held here. More than 20 volunteers gathered here to provide food delivery service for the elderly in the nursing home, to show their care and care for the elderly, and to advocate the good social atmosphere of loving and respecting the elderly.
In the canteen of the nursing home, volunteers, led by social workers, collaborate with each other to pack meals, deliver personalized nutritious meals to the elderly, chat with the elderly and guide them to eat, so that they can feel the care and warmth from the society.
The Master Hua furniture volunteer service team also conducted field visits to the families of elderly people with financial difficulties to understand their living conditions, physical and psychological conditions.
Through a visit to the Master Hua furniture volunteer service team, yu chaohai found that the kitchens of these poor elderly people were relatively simple, and the food was not fresh or nutritious. Some cause difficulty in cooking because of inconvenient hands and feet; Some have no regular diet because of the particularity of loneliness and loss of independence; Others are because their children are too busy making ends meet to eat for the elderly. They need not only help with their diet, but also psychological comfort and assistance. The purpose of Master Hua furniture's trip is not only to help the elderly improve their dining conditions, but also to provide them with spiritual care and comfort, encouraging them to adjust their attitude, take care of their health and live in peace in their later years.
In fact, this "public welfare to help the elderly" is not the first time for Master Hua furniture to carry out public welfare activities to respect and love the elderly. On May 24 and June 21, 2017, under the leadership of the company's leaders, Master Hua furniture made material donations to the houjie elderly center twice, paying attention to the daily life of the elderly and providing them with care and companionship.
Master Hua furniture is a professional engaged in furniture manufacturing and custom service of high-end furniture brand, in the process of growing always put corporate social responsibility in the strategic height, adhere to the enterprise development and public responsibility, actively participate in social public welfare activities, with the practical action to the society and industry spread "love positive energy".
This public welfare activity is only a miniature of the public welfare activities of Master Hua furniture. In the future, Master Hua furniture will continue to uphold the purpose of "love in the heart, public welfare first", actively practice social responsibility, and contribute to the progress of social civilization!