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Master Hua furniture supports "2020 guangdong luhe village marathon"!

Brand information
2020/01/03 16:16
This morning, the "2020 guangdong luhe village marathon" with the theme of "huaquan linge • leisurely luhe river" was launched at the luhe county sports hall. Master hua furniture, dedicated to "creating a better lifestyle", is involved in supporting the whole process, promoting sportsmanship on the track and demonstrating the new concept of healthy living.
This event starting point for Lu He county comprehensive style pavilion, responsible for the whole marathon, half marathon and rural joy to run, the track Settings based on the natural environment and regional culture, the screw hexi road - hole miles within lotus pond - mouth village curriculum - screw hole world garden - a total of ten thousand acres of garden light spots together, such as to achieve the ecological tourism culture and the organic integration of the contemporary sports spirit.
At 8 am, with the firing of the starting gun, thousands of competitors with number plates rushed forward like a flood, running on the picturesque ecological track, measuring the new appearance of the new rural development and the achievements of the cultural tourism industry with enthusiasm.
First right: Lin xukun, general manager of Master hua furniture
In a bid to promote the spirit of "health, unity and mutual support", Master hua furniture general manager Lin xukun attended the starting ceremony of the marathon and led more than 30 employees on the "joy run". Among the passionate and forward marathon army, the figures wearing "Master Hua" t-shirts are particularly striking, which not only show the spirit of "Master Hua" people to stay ahead and fight hard, but also reflect the brand connotation of "Master Hua furniture", which is optimistic, fashionable and youthful.
For a long time, Master hua furniture has been associated with sports and integrated the spirit of sportsmanship into the construction of corporate culture. Through fitness activities, it conveys to the public fashionable life concepts of love for life, family, environmental protection and health, and endows sports with unique charm. As the architect of a better life, Master hua furniture's entrepreneurial commitment to excellence, continuous excellence and continued brand impact complement the marathon. Nowadays, Master hua furniture has formed normative, systematic and long-term brand advantages in the aspects of commonweal fitness activities, ecological physical activities and outdoor lifestyle leisure, etc., and its social reputation has been increasingly improved, winning recognition and trust from many users.
"Master hua furniture" signs can be seen all over the track
At the link, the Master hua Lin Xukun furniture general manager for the women's second half, the women's marathon has carried on the award winning athletes, and to give the athletes wishes, also said: we are very glad to participate in and support the annual marathon all the way, also deeply felt the GuYi rural rich humanistic amorous feelings and achievements, we are very honored to through the tournament will Master hua furniture advocate fashion, health, green environmental protection way of life to Lu He county and even more people!
Lin xukun presented prizes to the winners of women's half and women's full marathon and took a group photo
"Inheriting the spirit of sports and carrying forward the traditional culture" is the purpose of this rural marathon. As a leader in healthy lifestyle, Master hua furniture has the responsibility and obligation to promote the development of national fitness and social civilization! Actively participated in and fully supported this country marathon, which not only injected fresh vitality into the building of "Master Hua" brand, but also demonstrated the multi-faceted genes of Master Hua, presenting a unique brand name card of Master Hua furniture to the public!