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Good brand, cloud sings ┃ Shifu hua furniture online live successfully sign shop 136!

Brand information
2020/04/03 10:36


Good brand, cloud sings


On the evening of April 2, the Shifu hua furniture online live broadcast of new products was successfully held with the theme of "originality and compliance, win-win future".


Under the epidemic situation, Shifu hua furniture made great efforts to respond to the market changes rapidly, and gathered the intended customers from all over the country in the online studio to appreciate Shifu hua's strong production and research strength and brand charm. A total of 208,600 viewers watched the live broadcast online, and the real-time interaction received 1,166,000 likes. 136 stores were successfully signed!


Good brand, cloud sings


Brand publicity highlights


Good brand, cloud sings


At the beginning of the broadcast, zhu xiaokun, general manager of Shifu hua furniture marketing center, on behalf of the company, warmly welcomed the old and new friends who came to the studio. In 2020, an epidemic that has swept the country has changed the way many people live, with people paying more attention to the quality of life. Over the past 38 years, the original intention of master hua furniture has not changed, and the craftsmanship has not changed. It has always taken "creating high-quality furniture" as its mission, and it has adhered to and developed all the way, making sure to move forward on the road of creating a better life.


Craftsmanship quality industry model


Although the epidemic has not cleared up, but life will continue. In order to meet the release sex consumption after the outbreak, fu, fu, fu to distribution partners, master Shifu hua furniture also made targeted adjustment, for the first time, adopt the way of live video show the various series of products, let the audience to learn more about master Shifu hua furniture in product research and development, process design, quality control, brand image, such as power, drew praise continuously.


Good brand, cloud sings


The relevant person in charge of the design concept of each series, market positioning, space application, competitive advantage, capital investment made a detailed description, and strive to provide customers with early site selection, mid decoration, late operation and maintenance of the one-stop service, let customers join without worry.


Customer witness investment first choice


ZongGeDian ZongGeDian later, from Beijing, Shanghai and chongqing Jane meaning shop dealers through video tells the story of their origin, with master Shifu hua furniture to share feelings, their way of business and cooperation at the same time to master Shifu hua furniture forward-looking product design, nanny service, innovative mode of "product + custom" gave high praise, and said it would continue to cooperate with shoulder to shoulder, master Shifu hua, total market.


Good brand, cloud sings



The CEO powers strategy


Next, Lin xukun, general manager of Shifu hua furniture, Shared the market opportunities under the epidemic situation. Shifu hua will help the terminal stores to expand the market and improve the efficiency by virtue of its strong production and research strength, professional service team, new retail model and multi-channel publicity. At the same time, Lin also announced the unprecedented strength of the limited time to join the policy and cooperation mode, the direct broadcast room customers firmly joined the determination, also set off the online investment of the single climax.


Good brand, cloud sings



Trend nuggets win-win future


The Shifu hua furniture online live broadcast of new product merchants will come to a successful conclusion, which is the first drama after Shifu hua furniture restarts work, and also a promising start in 2020. Thank you for your support and trust, thank you all the way! Shifu hua furniture will join hands with all partners to pool the wisdom of everyone and create a better future!


Good brand, cloud sings