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Much!!!! Shifu Hua's first live broadcast factory captured 13901 orders!

Brand information
2020/04/29 09:23
At 19:30 on April 28, the Shifu Hua furniture "first live broadcast to rob the factory" started on time. This new online and offline marketing campaign with nationwide linkage attracted wide attention in the early stage of promotion, with a total of more than 200,000 views. Short 3 hours of live broadcast, online transaction 13901 single, outstanding performance!
The President in person strong support show sincerity
At the beginning of the broadcast, Lin xukun, general manager of Shifu Hua furniture, came to the scene to express the sincerity of the manufacturers to work together to benefit the people, and made a price commitment and quality commitment on behalf of Shifu Hua furniture, and announced the official start of the activity of "the factory subsidies of tens of millions, do not leave the house to rob hot style". Then, zhu xiaokun, general manager of Shifu Hua furniture marketing center, released the profit policy and service guarantee, so that the majority of users with the most affordable price with complete house furniture.
Enjoy surprise and multiple gifts
This "live broadcast factory" activity set up multiple surprises: the whole process of handing out red envelope rain, hot style products limited time seconds kill, 9.9 yuan to receive discount coupons, no threshold draw huawei package award... Customers who succeed in seckilling or win the lottery can go to the nearest Shifu Hua furniture authorized store to go through the procedures for collection. The whole process of live broadcast continues to be exciting, high popularity, set off a wave after wave of buying.
Add value to your ideal life by haggling online
During the live broadcast, the product owner explained each series, the customer service answered questions in real time, and the senior price haggling engineer directly negotiated with the factory on behalf of the vast number of consumers, eliminating the intermediate sales link and saving time and effort for consumers. After bargaining for many times, the consumers chose the desired products with the lowest price and the largest discount. Shifu Hua furniture also fulfilled the promise of "ultra-low price, hot style".
Innovative youdao multi-dimensional enabling new retail
In order to successfully accomplish the "live rob factory" activities, master Shifu Hua furniture as a whole the national stores and terminal sales staff, to share, the proliferation of online and offline drainage fission of new marketing model to achieve the tripartite win-win manufacturers, distributors and consumers, it is master Shifu Hua furniture actively embrace the market changes, innovative thinking to meet industry opportunities a microcosm. In fact, this online, offline and nationwide live broadcast feast was not the first time that Shifu Hua furniture tried live streaming on the water line. Before that, Shifu Hua furniture had launched "dealer training meeting" and "new product recruiting conference", two online live streaming sessions of enpowernew retail, both of which achieved remarkable achievements.
So far, Shifu Hua furniture "the first live broadcast factory" activity successfully ended! Thank you for your support and trust, thank you for your recognition and love! In the future, Shifu Hua furniture will join hands with national partners to give back to the majority of users with higher quality products and more diversified services, and bring the fashionable and exquisite lifestyle led by Shifu Hua furniture to more families!