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[INHERIT] New online media conference is just around the corner!

Brand information
2020/06/19 15:42
Inherit the beauty of time, artisans build fashion classics
Online launch of new products
June 23, 2020 -- 19:30
The rev.
INHERIT comes from fashion
INHERIT comes from fashion
When we talk about fashion,
What are we talking about?
It is novelty, it is fashion,
Or a positive attitude towards life.
Fashion is introspective in a way that keeps pace with The Times,
And to adopt an eclectic attitude,
Make the world alive.
Design, technology, material...
They play different roles in space,
But with fashion as an opportunity to merge together
The life scene of modern human settlements is elaborately deduced.
So modern impression in view of INHERIT
Diverse cultures collide with each other,
Tradition and modernity interweave,
The way of life is changing through innovation and change.
Instead of deliberately piling up in form,
Integrating functionalism, minimalism and naturalism into space,
Redefine modern art fashions.
Select the rare wood,
To extract classical geometric elements,
Let the Eastern and Western aesthetics in the context of flexibility, inclusiveness and mobility
Make the best of life.
The category of light luxury shows is INHERIT
In the name of luxury, arouse people's attention to quality,
Give space to nature, give home to art,
Give emotion to life,
Light luxury is not excessive luxury,
It's exquisitely delicate,
Rationalize your life with your unique definition of self.
Every inch of material, every detail,
With every touch of color,
Take all the descriptions of life,
Into an angular scene,
With ritual and dignity,
Enrich your moments of highlight.
INHERIT and present well
Freedom and restraint, peace and prosperity,
Descriptions of homes vary from person to person.
And for Shifu Hua,
"Whole-house customization" is the ideal expression of home.
It's about quality of life.
[INHERIT] Reexamines the relationship between quality, art and life,
Overall planning and design of the whole house, customization of various boards and soft furnishings.
In a modular and industrialized way,
To build a comprehensive family culture,
Create an ideal home where what you see is what you get.
The online presentation of [INHERIT] new product will be in full bloom soon.
Stay waiting!