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The online presentation of Shifu Hua furniture [INHERIT] has come to a successful conclusion!

Brand information
2020/06/24 14:28
A new interpretation of minimalism
A beautiful covenant that happens to coincide with your ideal life.
An online properly-acquired INHERIT conference was officially launched at 19:30 on June 23. The presentation presented a minimalist aesthetic visual journey to the audience through live broadcast. A newly upgraded Product [INHERIT] was unveiled and its beautiful vision of creating a minimalist modern lifestyle was Shared.
Inherit craftsmanship and set a brand example
At the beginning of the live broadcast, Lin Xukun, general manager of Shifu Hua Furniture, on behalf of the company, expressed a sincere welcome to the present studio for both old and new friends, and then Shared the origin of the INHERIT series of Shifu Hua brand. He said: Shifu Hua furniture is a highly responsible enterprise for dealers and users. The brand gene accumulated in 38 years has been deeply embedded in the design of each product. [INHERIT] is not an impromptually-derived series but the result of over a year's market test, with a broad market prospect. In the future, Taking [INHERIT] as the blueprint, Shifu Hua furniture will continue to deepen its product strategy of integration of "finished furniture + whole house customization", and continue to make intensive efforts in brand building, product upgrading and store planning, so as to make unremitting efforts to build a long-lasting brand.
Iteration and upgrade release brand connotation
Driven by the adjustment of consumption structure and the reform of the industry, Shifu Hua furniture is gradually accelerating its new products. The suite furniture and all kinds of customized furniture exhibited in the [INHERIT] show the transformation of Shifu Hua furniture according to market demand. The category is more complete, the material is more novel, and on the basis of the original tonality, enhance the sense of modern and design, make the product style more versatile.
The relevant responsible person gave a detailed explanation of the style elements, market positioning, spatial collocation and the advantages of the newly upgraded [INHERIT] series. [INHERIT] is a very simple modern furniture with cutting-edge design, high-end material selection and elegant style. INHERIT follows the aesthetic concept of "less is more" and creates an aesthetic example of modern life by presenting rich connotations and inheritance with originality.
Operating share witness brand power
Guo Liwei, general manager of Shifu Hua Furniture Direct-sale Company, talked about his experience in running the [INHERIT] series and Shared his experience in exploring the retail market and exploring customers' demands to guide customized full-house furniture. Shifu Hua has a perfect service system and rapid response mechanism. From door-to-door measuring scale, material selection, production and production to finished product installation, the one-stop service system can not only meet consumers' demands for life, but also increase the profit point of the store, which is a great opportunity to grasp the bonus of the whole house.
Preferential join to share brand value
For dealers, a good brand and strong strength are the keys to the gold mining market. Especially in 2020 under the coVID-19 epidemic, the industry is at the forefront of reform and restructuring, and retail stores are also under the influence of consumption upgrading and channel fission, which will accelerate the reshuffle. To this, the master Shifu Hua furniture marketing center general manager Zhu Xiaokun depth interpretation for everyone "INHERIT" series of competitive advantage, let it be clear master Shifu Hua furniture "whole house ready to customize" profit model, general zhu also announced the new online conference of the eight major merchants to join VIP policy, we sincerely invite furniture industry hand in hand advance together, sharing bonus!
Here, Shifu Hua furniture also sends out cooperation invitation to the home furnishing counterparts with ideals, patterns and ideas all over the country to join hands with Shifu Hua to create a great future! We have the confidence and determination to win by quality, service and mode in the "great change" of the home furnishing industry.