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We invite tasting ┃ MasterHua furniture "INHERIT" ready custom house in August at exhibit life!

Brand information
Master Hua
2020/08/11 09:09



From August 18 to 22, the 43/44 international famous furniture (Dongguan) exhibition will be held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. Then, the new iteration of "INHERIT", a high-end furniture brand by MasterHua, will be presented in booth C09 of Hall 3 with a new image of a customized living hall, bringing the public a journey of minimalist aesthetics!



INHERIT is updated and updated with custom image



As a high-end lifestyle "creating" furniture brand, MasterHua furniture relying on its own industrial advantages, cling to upgrade consumption trends, absorbing the international cutting-edge design idea (" + ready finished product furniture customization "integration of new formats, to provide users with space design, decoration construction, integral kitchen, suite furniture, soft outfit display in the integration of whole house ready solutions tailored to help users experience household life scenes, art and space integration.



In this exhibition, MasterHua furniture is based on the newly upgraded "Master craftsman" series, presenting the space charm created by the new mode of "finished furniture + integrated customization" for many customers. 'INHERIT' is a very simple modern furniture with cutting-edge design, high-end material selection and elegant style. Based on the original tonality, its shape, color and material have been further improved and optimized to make it more fashionable, stylish and versatile.





Finished products + customization, multi-exhibition linkage show strength


"Inheriting the heart of craftsmen, create a better life", 38 years, intensive cultivation, with great concentration up MasterHua furniture, constantly, optimize the product line, is now selling INHERIT, JANE, EBONY, NORDIC STYLE, MEESM, BONN six major series of products covering the whole house living space, and a "ready to customize the blessing", from "the finished product furniture" to "whole house" transformation. In this exhibition, MasterHua furniture will assemble the whole department for multi-exhibition linkage to meet the needs of more merchants.


【INHERIT】Booth: Hall 3 C09; 2 a01 9 pavilion


【JANE】 Booth: 3A01, Hall 9


【EBONY】booth: 2nd floor, Hengfeng Furniture Expo Center


【NORDIC STYLE】 Booth: 2A02, Pavilion 9


【MEESM】 Booth: 3A02, Hall 9


【BONN】 Booth: 3B06 and 3B08



Invite appreciation and share brand bonus


The 43/44 International famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition has entered the countdown, MasterHua furniture "finished furniture + readymade" is to start a prairie fire to hit the market, become the new password to unlock the door of wealth. We are full of enthusiasm, looking forward to creating a great future with you!



August 18-22

The 43/44 International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition

No. 3 guan CO9

Wait for king's Landing!