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Direct ┃ lead full, MasterHua "inherit" ready to customize life hall attention!

Brand information
2020/08/18 20:40


Today, the 5-day "43/44 international famous furniture (Dongguan) exhibition" officially opened. MasterHua, a high-end furniture brand, will present the one-stop household solution of "finished furniture + Complete furniture customization" to the public with the new image of "INHERIT", an iterative new product, enabling a better life!



'INHERIT' has been revitalized and its new image absorbs the eye



In this exhibition, MasterHua furniture upgraded the image of the customized exhibition hall. With the theme of "fashion, modern, light luxury", the 300-plus square space continues the new mode of "finished product + customization" to construct living Spaces such as the living room, bedroom, cloaking room and dining room, paying attention to the sense of scene experience. The finished INHERIT series and customized new products presented in the exhibition hall are both cutting-edge design, high-end material selection and elegant style. Both INHERIT series are consistent in style and well matched. Through personalized design and exquisite detail treatment, they can strongly demonstrate the ability and strength of MasterHua furniture in the assembly and customization section.






As soon as the new product appeared, it focused the attention of the industry and the media and won super popularity.



The goal of MasterHua furniture is to create a high-quality home living environment for users. The newly updated and upgraded product "INHERIT" in this exhibition is the first offline public display after the online release on June 23. 'INHERIT' is a customized and complete product with a mature business model and operation mode. After more than a year of market testing and deliberation, it finally reaches the public with a new attitude of 'minimalism and modernity', presenting a fashionable temperament and delicate style, and presenting the brand connotation of youthful MasterHua furniture.




Innovate and develop, deepen the integration strategy of "finished product + customization"



In the past 38 years, MasterHua furniture has been devoted to intensive cultivation, taking "design thinking" and "service improvement" as the driving force for the development of the enterprise. Through innovation, it satisfies the consumption upgrading demand of "personalization, fashion and quality", and creates a life style conforming to users' living habits and tastes.



At present, MasterHua furniture one-stop service system includes design, construction, decorative plates, kitchen and bathroom, furniture, soft decoration and other categories, including the living room, bedroom, study, dining room, tea room and other Spaces, truly realizing the dream of "move-in"!



"The 43/44 international famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition" will last until 22nd, welcome to have the idea, has the ambition, has the pattern furniture person to come to discuss!