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MasterHua furniture exhibition in August is coming to an end!

Brand information
2020/08/22 20:10



This afternoon, the 5-day "43/44th International Famous Furniture (Dongguan) Exhibition" came to a close, and "INHERIT", a masterpiece of MasterHua furniture, captures the ideal life with the new image of "Complete and customized life gallery", representing the brand's strong industrial and research strength and innovation ability, and attracting a lot of attention




The minimalist aesthetic is stunning



With a feast of quality, invite people to learn together; To an aesthetic journey, to the ideal life! The newly upgraded minimalist style - "INHERIT" inherits the functionalist aesthetic idea that "less is more" and builds a modern lifestyle through simplified line design, application of high-end materials and refinement of Chinese and Western culture. No matter the overall planning furnishings or the details of the joint place, can explore its unique connotation and rich heritage heart, no wonder visitors issued such exclamation: can achieve the acme of solid wood technology, should belong to MasterHua!





The craftsman's work lives up to his expectations



There is no adherence to the original brand, not enough to thick product and thin hair; There is no rigorous pursuit of quality, not enough to withstand the critical eye; Without thinking about creative design, it is not enough to attract people at first sight. INHERIT has integrated the brand gene accumulated for 38 years into the design of each product, and after a year of hibernation and optimization, it finally presents itself to the public with a new attitude of "minimalist modern complete customization". Craftsmanship live up to the period, guests visit thumb up, the audience came in large Numbers, won praise constantly!




Innovation is more than just a boom



With the industrial transformation and consumption upgrading, the whole house customization has become the industry outlet. In recent years, MasterHua furniture has been in the exploration and practice of the whole home furnishing. With 38 years of accumulated craftsmanship and experience of making finished furniture, it serves the whole house integrated customization system. With forward-looking design to match the aesthetic needs and lifestyle of the bourgeoisie, "finished furniture + integrated customization" is strongly occupying the mainstream market, and the prospect is waiting!



Starlight does not ask the traveler, time pays off! The recognition of the industry, the choice of customers is to us in every day to tamp forge ahead, determined to innovate the best award. I am grateful for everyone's support and trust, for every consumer's recognition and love, and for every partner's efforts! New products, new models, new services, in the future, MasterHua will shine more brilliant light!