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Show strength, win honor, win word of mouth! Chinese master writing solid wood furniture value model!

Brand information
2018/03/18 08:45

▌ new starting the show guests inside

39th annual international famous furniture exhibition, since in China the teacher stand high popularity, China master drive force in BONN, BONN, pure heart type style ", "JANE meaning - Italian contracted style" by numerous furniture industry, the media friends and the attention of designers groups, within the booth guests gathered, very busy.









Unique booth design, comfortable scene experience, generous franchise policy... All of these, let the visitors linger on, the site has a lot of customers to sign up, negotiate cooperation, the atmosphere of the scene is happy!









▌ originality work In the double award
At last night's award ceremony of the "2018 golden game", master hua won two awards: innovation design award, modern furniture silver award, innovation design award, Chinese furniture silver award!

Mr. Yu yuehai (second from left)
Mr. Yu yuehai (second from left)
This exhibition is the first public appearance of "BONN". Its unique design not only extends the spirit of craftsmanship that the Chinese master has always inherited, but also integrates with the international top innovation power. It will come from the German concept of forest aesthetics into furniture design, the use of pure German technology, creatively join intelligent sound effects and optical design, make the product more sense of science and technology, fashion sense, therefore, took in innovative design award is deserves it!

Chinese chef BONN series.


▌ compose the legends of solid wood furniture
Honor, is a kind of affirmation, also is a kind of drive. Master degrees in this exhibition, win public praise for double award, is the strength of the industry master brand in China certainly, Chinese teacher will spend enthusiastically for solid wood furniture, continuous innovation, with higher quality products and service to give back to the public!