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Reputation and body Master yao the forward ︱ China furniture fair in March a complete packaged

2018/03/21 09:15


"BONN" and "JANE" were praised by many visitors yesterday as the "39th international furniture fair" came to an end. As the most dazzling star of real wood furniture high-end brand, master wah's every exhibition is brilliant and eye-catching, and this exhibition is even more wonderful!



Innovative design, pavilion popular extraordinary.


The industry group coming to the exhibition will not be able to walk through the Chinese masters pavilion. China master the event product "BONN, BONN," in German type life aesthetics on the basis of integrated into the intelligent technology, reveal natural pure, unique style, coupled with the booth design is unique, let visitors feel at home ".



Service upgrade, reveal brand glamour.


To serve as a carrier to drive the brand development is master and competitiveness, this exhibition, show a high degree of professional master China merchants group, they or warm in reception, listen carefully, or patience to explain... The idea of "service first" extends to the actual experience of the customer and attracts the audience's admiration.



Solid wood agitation attracts the attention of the industry.


In 36 years, China master deep fertile soil, solid wood furniture with innovative design ideas and leading technology as the support, accurately grasp the pulse of fashion, efficient and quick in the first place to provide products and services to the market, create a temperature has a way of life attitude, China master each released a new series of becomes the focus.



Witness of the strength, commercial customers frequently sign contracts.


Exhibit on the meeting, in order to make customers more intuitive understanding of the joining mode, China master invited merchants on field to discuss production base, to the silver city hotel to attend the "legends of originality, share the wealth the fashion solid wood furniture" feast, talk about business opportunities and development, a number of new and old customers to cooperate with China master a permanent, gratifying results!





Win double prize, establish industry position.


In late March 17 "festival 2018 gold implement" awards ceremony, China master every LAN won two awards: innovative design, modern furniture, silver medal, innovative design, Chinese style furniture, silver! The company has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "diligence, precision and innovation", and has taken the leading position in the industry.



The seven series meet diverse needs.


The essence of life, the style of real wood! With high quality, high standard and multi-style, the seven main products of master hua will shine more brightly!






Han's Series


Meesm Series


 Originality  Series


Northern Europe


Ebony Series