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[huahui public welfare bank] love students, we are in action!

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2018/04/29 09:32


The power of a person is difficult to cope with the endless suffering in life, so he needs others to help himself and help others. - zweig

Love is the beginning of learning.

On April 21, raf assist gold joint household expo garden V family, outdoor sports association with tsinghua bo shang on foot in dongguan dongguan association "educational public welfare" of the activities held in shaoguan guangxi first central primary school.
Since its establishment, hua hui has been carrying out social responsibilities, helping the community with difficulties in need, and passing love and warmth to them.

Field visits convey the truth.


Raf assist gold staff under the guidance of the local teachers, and V family, hiking association and tsinghua bo shang dongguan association members such as poor students through the group form of guangxi head center elementary school conducted on-site visit, learn about their family environment and life situation.



Raf assist gold director Mr Yu Chaohai through visit found that the children of poor families have grades are good, poor families have a plenty of because want for multiple children read the economic burden is heavier, have a plenty of because there is no field can work or single-parent families labor shortages. In addition to the lack of material, these families need more spiritual support and encouragement. The purpose of this visit is to give them spiritual care, to encourage them to overcome difficulties and to believe that tomorrow will be better.


The practitioner of huahui furniture public welfare action.


Responsibility, public welfare first! Hua hui furniture always knows this. Since its establishment, huahui group has always adhered to the development of the enterprise and the responsibility of public welfare, actively participated in the activities of the society, and spread the "love positive energy" to the society and the industry with practical actions.
This activity is only a microcosm of China hui public welfare activities. Huafei will uphold the tenet of "mutual assistance, public benefit and I will go ahead", and write new music on the road of love!