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Lin binghui, chairman of huahui furniture: we do not pursue a beehive!

Media Reports
2018/03/20 01:53


Dongguan hua hui furniture industry co., LTD., founded in 1982, is a real old name. Raf furniture has been trying to, to provide natural environmental protection, super durable modern solid wood furniture, has its own furniture industrial park area of over 300000 square meters, is a "Chinese environment mark" certification enterprise.


"Hua-hui dream" is to make the brand of master hua the best real wood expert in China. It is to build hua-hui furniture into a respected century-old brand.

The 39th annual international exhibition of furniture (dongguan), on March 16 in dongguan houjie, won the "guangdong famous trademark", "guangdong famous brand product" title, "China masters", at the scene with extraordinary splendour.


"Master of China", become the vast number of consumers love solid wood experts. This time, we have the honor to invite Lin binghui, chairman of huahui furniture co., LTD., to have a talk in the industry.



[Q1] what kind of new products did your company bring to us in this exhibition? What are the design concepts and highlights of the new products?


[Lin binghui, chairman of huahui furniture] :

Modern more popular simple wind, master of China's positioning is always high-end market. Why this style? Simplicity ADAPTS to the new era. In this era, many people like to return to the simplicity and ingenuity of good products.


We don't want a beehive. What does a hive mean? When there are many people in the market making a style, we will not do it. We should focus on our own personality to create products and brands.

As a brand, we need to adhere to our own market positioning and brand style, not to change at will because of the pursuit of the wind, we need to accumulate a thick and thin hair, so that we can make our own characteristics.


But no matter what we do, we always aim at the high end, which has never changed. This exhibition, the exhibition is the essence of master hua's works, craftsmanship.



[Q2] with the advent of the AI era, smart home emerges at the historic moment. How to view the future development of smart home?


[Lin binghui, chairman of huahui furniture] :

Smart home is a trend, but any industry, need to be based on the characteristics of their own industry, to connect with "smart", not blindly follow the wind. The premise, must be based on their own industry characteristics.


Reflect in function, it is to go to a product multipurpose respect to develop namely, this is the exploration of this piece of intelligence furniture at present. We can cooperate with high-tech enterprises to make smart furniture.



[Q3] since the introduction of the new retail concept, it has gradually become one of the breakthrough points for the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises. How do you define new retail? What will you do to integrate online and offline?


[Lin binghui, chairman of huahui furniture] :

New retail, a new online and offline integration model, is a trend. Hua hui is also considering a suitable way to try this. The Internet is a trend, an inevitable trend, which has been involved before. In the past, products were sold to physical stores, which were always thought to be impacted. Now, it's not that serious.


If the Internet has more and more advantages, it should embrace each other and realize the new model of "physical stores + Internet" and "industry + Internet".



The Q4 】 【 name furniture is put forward to the millennial generation, represented by the five key words: "show" "bionic" "secondary yuan" "wild agitation" "cool", in the face of new outlook of the future, how to connect to your enterprise main new consumption?


[Lin binghui, chairman of huahui furniture] :

Millennials represent a spirit of advancing with The Times. We are constantly following the trend of The Times, improving the design of improved products and keeping pace with The Times.



[Q5] people's living has gradually become one of the trends in the household building materials industry. How do you view the development of people's living? How do you respond to this trend?


[Lin binghui, chairman of huahui furniture] :

The popularity of the concept requires the integration of different industries. Now every industry, no longer isolated to do, is a kind of inclusive development. In the past, anything was done.

Actually, furniture can connect wei yu, hardware, electric appliance, decorate, decorate a respect especially, have value more. Direct the furniture to the consumer.


Cross - industry cooperation to create a common residence. We need to abandon the previous products and make you, and I will make my old ideas and develop towards the integration of products.


However, their respective advantages should not be lost. The premise is based on their own products, a business must do so.



[Q6] what are your new plans and expectations for 2018?


[Lin binghui, chairman of huahui furniture] :

We will do three things first this year. First, improve and strengthen quality management, which is a fundamental thing; Second, innovation and r&d should be carried out to better meet the needs of modern people. 3. Serve end users well.


Huahui group:

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