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Master hua's new products come on stage! BONN series, originating from German forest aesthetics.

Creative Space
2018/03/13 16:34




The design concept and modeling inspiration of "BONN BONN" series come from Bavarian forest of Germany, pure, natural and plain. Using pure German craft to create, will come from Germany rigorous and exquisite performance incisively and vividly.


Forest natural sound lai physical and mental pleasure, quiet and comfortable, can gently close drawers and cupboard door, the voice of the wood gentle calm, let a person longitudinal enjoy the perfect combination of modern design and natural ecology.



"BONN" responds to people's thinking on current life, and integrates the forest aesthetics concept from Germany into furniture design, presenting more dialogues between life and mind.


Natural gift


Germans are awed by the forest. In their eyes, every tree breathes and every grass has life. Attached to every tree wood pure and simple, "BONN, BONN, material selection of natural environmental protection, health" durable north American black walnut, the woodiness firm, corrosion resistance, sheet masks luster, texture clear and able to bear or endure look, is nature's masterpiece.



Originality to create


In order to present the "pure German style", "BONN BONN" not only continues the "craftsmanship" that master hua has always been adhering to, but also integrates the international top innovation spirit.



"BONN," stick to simple design and exquisite craft, into humanized intelligent sound effects and optical design, make the product more fashion sense, science and technology, for fashionable young people create a higher quality life style.



Rigor is love, and this is always the case with master hua, but it doesn't mean that BONN BONN BONN doesn't care about the design of the product. "BONN BONN", on the other hand, is not only the design of modeling repeatedly, but also emphasizes the perfect integration of functions, practicability and environmental protection.



Forest engagement


"Comes from the mountains and lakes, but constrained by night and day, the kitchen and love", when to myriad, in Bavaria in a microcosm of the original jungle, feelings of pure heart type master Chinese furniture style, leisure and romantic experience close to nature, you will find that life could be so pure and happy!



The new product was released in March, and the furniture "BONN" of master hua was released for a date with the primitive jungle in Bavaria, Germany.