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Master hua witness: design marriage household, build industry power together.

Brand information
2018/05/17 17:13
On May 16, the designer of guangdong Chen shee art association and the home furnishing industry exchange luncheon was held in the independent shop of master hua BONN, international famous products street of famous home world expo park.
BONN - assisted-array home design exchange
MD08 independent store of international famous products street is the first shop elaborately built by master hua after the series of BONN series came out, presenting the pure German life aesthetics to the public through the panoramic scene experiential layout.
Entering the store, the first thing to be amazed is the air, elegant German style, where life and art blend perfectly. The goods in the shop are arranged with the life scene, walking in the meantime, seeing at present, are all pleasing to the eye.
Strong living atmosphere, high quality products, innovative design attracted designers and furniture peers to appreciate.
Fine luncheon - a marriage of commune design and home furnishing
This exchange activity was jointly organized by guangdong Chen she art association and famous household world expo park. Some leaders and guests made speeches.
Ms. Hu xiaomei, President of guangdong Chen she arts association
Mr. Xu zongtong, general manager of famous household world expo park
Ms. Lin yuanling, deputy general manager of the furniture exhibition organizing committee
Mr. Liang huan, secretary general of guangdong Chen he arts association
Hua-hui furniture always helps Mr. Yu chao-hai
The above guest will display art association of guangdong province furniture (home) establishment of the branch issued their own points of view, and look forward to more enterprises to join the display art family furniture, through resource integration gathering more strength in the industry. Mr. Yu chao-hai was always helped by huahui furniture to express a warm welcome to the guests, and then Shared the growth and development achievements of huahui furniture over 30 years.
Site prepared fine Italian meals and fruit desserts, delicate, elegant lifestyle throughout to every detail, make the whole communication process more relaxed, comfortable, guests in a round of the communist party of China household design development and the future.
Master hua furniture - the integration of home and life art
The development of the society and people living standard rise driving with each passing day, household industry and China master furniture designers are creative will open thought and the modern aesthetic into the furniture products, the artistic adaptation, the art of life.
If you want to realize your personality and taste of life style, then master hua is the life art you want and the life attitude you pursue!