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Master of China multiple shops open, BONN nanjing shop 7 days crazy sales of 630,000!

Brand information
2018/05/15 08:26



In may, master wah BONN series,

With respect to forest culture and love for life,

And then you go from city to city.

Through a table and a chair, a room and a scene, presenting a pure German life aesthetics.


Six ancient capitals, encounter German style amorous feelings



Looking up, "qin huai pavilion flowers bloom early"

Look back, "red apricot fading, green water people around."

Nanjing, the pearl on the south bank of the Yangtze river,

With the natural gift of mountains and waters,

Delineate the dreamlike, picturesque "good jiangnan".



In this beautiful season,

BONN BONN came to nanjing,

A stylish opening for the enthusiastic nanjing people.

Seven days into its opening, it has created a sales record of 630,000 yuan.

BONN BONN, a brand that sticks to craftsmanship and integrates innovation,

Market recognition is evident.






BONN - dreamer of German life



BONN, the design concept and modeling inspiration come from --

Bavarian forest in Germany, pure, natural, simple.

Natural and environment-friendly north American black walnut,

The soft wood sense of love is poetic.





Made with pure German technology,

In the design of modeling repeatedly,

Integrated with humanized intelligent sound and photoelectric design,

Make the product more fashionable sense, science and technology sense.





Classic beige, grey,

And 2018 popular dry rose color combination match,

From material selection to ornament placement,

Every detail,

Perfect presents the pure German style life posture.



Look forward to seeing you in more cities


At the international furniture fair in March,


It attracted the attention of many visitors.

Many new and old customers signed the letter of intent on the spot.

This month, BONN BONN opened nearly 10 stores:

Dongguan mingjia world expo park famous products street BONN BONN BONN shop

BONN BONN, jinsheng international, nanjing

New age BONNshop in hangzhou

Fuzhou red star meikelon BONNshop

Foshan music from the Louvre BONNshop

BONN , jisheng weibang, pazhou, guangzhou



The reason why master hua is favored by the franchisees of various big cities,

It is because of its strong production research and development capacity and perfect franchise system.

More than 30 years of furniture production experience and innovative r&d team,

Keep the product competitive in the market.

Excellent franchise policy and professional marketing supervision team,

It also helps franchising to open up the market in a short period of time and enhance the brand awareness.

The BONNnanjing shop is a miniature of the many franchising stores of master hua.


Huahui dongguan production center


Hua-hui foshan production center


We are grateful for the support and love of our new and old customers.

Congratulations on the success of the new business and the wealth!

Meanwhile, master hua is looking forward to becoming your partner in more cities.

Will solid wood furniture to create a fashion healthy lifestyle to bring more love life, the pursuit of taste of the family!