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Craftsmanship legend · share the wealth feast of fashionable solid wood furniture!

Brand information
2018/03/17 09:34


New and old customers come together
The wine was delicious at the first light. Master late March 16, China furniture originality legend, share the wealth the real wood furniture fashion feast held in resplendent and magnificent silver city hotel, new and old customers gathered, a friendly chat, talk about business, seeks the development.


Mr. An haiqiang, consultant of huahui group


Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of master hua furniture


The party is full of fun and everyone has a good time! Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of master furniture of China, explained the design concept and craftsmanship of master furniture of China in detail, which gave us a deeper understanding of master furniture of China.


Ms. Guo liwei, deputy general manager of the company


Next, Ms. Guo liwei, the deputy general manager of the company directly operated by master of China, sincerely Shared with everyone the management of master of China store, which was unanimously recognized by everyone.


Ms. Li hong, manager of operations department of master hua


Ms. Li hong, the manager of operation department of master China, discussed with us how to improve the performance, how to better serve and help the dealers, and how to help the dealers to make profits and achieve better results.


Regional managers of China master investment department


The district managers have made detailed self-introduction and series introduction. We have passed on the warmth and enthusiasm of our family.


Talk freely and share your feelings


Finally, everyone in a toast to celebrate in the laughter, each dealer friends here was infected by China master the enthusiasm of the family, are anxious to join China master, master a permanent cooperation with China. Let's wish master hua furniture more brilliant in 2018! Create a bright new future!