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Master of China furniture warmly sparkle the 39th international famous furniture exhibition!

Brand information
2018/03/16 09:58



On March 16, the 39th international famous furniture (dongguan) exhibition opened in guangdong modern international exhibition center. Numerous domestic and international household brands gorgeous entrance!



Creating life with novel design has always been one of the highlights of famous furniture exhibition. This year's famous furniture exhibition is no exception.



China follows the world fashion design master, fusion of international top innovative spirit, with the creative product in coordination, the exhibition attracted a wave after wave dealers and buyers from all over the domestic and foreign customers.



In this exhibition, the new products BONN series and JANE series of master hua will be on display!



New unique shape, color, craft shows extraordinary eyes absorption ability, well-deserved become the focus of the exhibition, attracted numerous merchants stop to appreciate and to discuss cooperation, and win industry bosses, foreign customers and well-known designers to praise.










The design concept and modeling inspiration of BONN series come from Bavarian forest in Germany, pure, natural and plain. Using pure German craft to create, will come from Germany rigorous and exquisite performance incisively and vividly.





JANE series of Italian simple style, using the traditional manual skills, unique style interpretation of materials, creating a high-quality home style, achieve beyond the timeless modern classic.





Creative exhibition hall design and fashion novel product design master makes the China pavilion, counselors an endless stream, the audience high praise, customer orders, business negotiations, frequently shop again on a sea of people.




The hot performance and the new products that praise like tide prove the product quality of master hua furniture is too hard, join mode is superior, big brand, big intelligence makes, achievement big future!




Welcome to have the idea, the strength, has the ambition dealer to come to 3C10 to visit the instruction! Create 2018 fortune feast!