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At the furniture exhibition in March, master hua is in full bloom

Brand information
2018/03/15 10:26



Tomorrow, high-profile global furniture event - the 39th annual exhibition of the international famous furniture (dongguan) will launch a grand, master "solid wood expert", China will be there with new product "BONN, " and "JANE meaning" exhibition, present from foreign household aesthetic connotation and life!
The new products are ready for the world's first show
Master hua's new works in the spring of 2018, "BONN" and "JANE", will show the first international famous furniture exhibition.


The design concept and design inspiration come from Bavarian forest in Germany, pure, natural and plain. Using pure German craft to create, will come from Germany rigorous and exquisite performance incisively and vividly.



The traditional handicraft skill, with the unique style interpretation material, creates the high quality life style, realizes transcends the eternal modern classic. From the selection of materials to the elaboration of details, JANE JANE JANE series has given birth to traditional technology.


The whole department shows the charm of real wood
At that time, the other series under the brand of master of China, namely, the great clan, the beautiful shang, the transmitting artisan, the Nordic doctrine and the age of wujin, will also be exhibited synchronously in several pavilions, and the living temperature will be discussed with the beauty of solid wood.


The great nation, concentrating the essence of Chinese traditional furniture culture, is the collision of culture and art, the combination of quality and craft. The external beauty and the inner nobility blend, let people through time and space, intoxicated in the atmosphere of modern fashion.



Take the American life of contemporary vogue as design inspiration, abandoned the multifarious with traditional American style and trifling, confluence more contracted modern element, the warmth of the home appears without reservation. Meishang series gives a new definition of modern life style.



Injecting the spirit of craftsman passed down from generation to generation by master hua, it becomes a masterpiece that can stand the test of time. Select hardwood noble north American black walnut, pure manual craft elaborately carved, fusion art and modern, create incredible light luxury extremely simple beauty.






Noble temperament, born! Elegant life, no need to whitewash! From design to materials, the wujin era reveals delicacy and delicacy. The strong wood grain texture and round design concept reveal human nature and natural beauty.
Make an honest appointment to enjoy the wealth feast
"Solid wood experts" China teacher, have originality, art and innovation, for the modern society has brought the new fashion and culture as well as the quality of the value of the ascending simultaneously, interprets the connotation and true meaning of life, we are enthusiastic, always look forward to your presence and tasting!
Main exhibition venue: master hua's booth 3C10 in hall 3 of famous furniture exhibition;
2a01-02, 2a01-02, 3a01-02, 3rd floor, mingjia world expo park,
Master hwa exhibition hall 3B01;
Master MD08 independent shop of famous products street of famous furniture world expo garden;
Houjie hengfeng furniture expo center on the second floor of master 4000 square meters flagship store.