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Master hua furniture! The second "love • hiking" people's public welfare line perfect curtain call!

Brand information
2017/11/06 11:19



The 2nd "love • hiking" public welfare walk, organized by famous household world expo park, was held in dongguan tongsha ecological park in the beautiful environment Tuesday. Ecological park packed with sand under the blue sky and white clouds, hot atmosphere of the scene to ignite the passion of each hikers, everyone with a happy mood covered the entire 18 kilometers around the green.



The "love hike", themed "public welfare, health, environmental protection, sports and home", has attracted nearly 15,000 hikers nationwide. China master furniture as co-sponsors to participate in the activities, designed to spread to the society a healthy lifestyle, communicate the concepts of love, arouse people's attention to a healthy life and home culture, urging people to return to the family, love life, to do more to accompany family.





Dongguan raf furniture industrial co., LTD., chairman of Mr Bing-hui Lin master furniture and China Lin Xukun, raf household Lin Xutao served as general manager, general manager of the activity of lead guest, they use a positive attitude towards life the scene of the infected every hikers, master furniture square team consists of more than 100 people in the China become the hottest scenery line in the whole event.





Walking movement is a kind of can "the whole people to participate in an outdoor sports, activities of parent-child project is also a form of people return to the family, family involvement is beneficial to promote family communication, cultivate harmonious family of mutual love, is a reflection of a" family culture ".





The activity also incorporated the public welfare into the campaign. Master hua donated 50,000 yuan to the social welfare cause in this activity and became the gold public welfare ambassador of this activity. All the money raised by the activity is spent on public welfare projects to help the people in greatest need. The participants responded warmly and made positive contributions to deliver the positive energy of "love, charity, love, health, love, environmental protection, love, sports and love, home" to the society through actions.






This "love • hiking" activity with "public welfare, health, environmental protection, sports, home" theme, and master furniture has been advocated by the concept of life. Master hua furniture is an enterprise that attaches great importance to family, health, environmental protection and family relations. He called on everyone to return to their families, accompany their families and embrace the "family culture". He also called on everyone not to forget to fulfill their social responsibilities and give back to the society.




Enthusiasm and sweat go hand in hand, and hikers, with their powerful legs outstretched in laughter and merriment, step by step, cross a station "gas station" and reach the finish line. We relax ourselves thoroughly in our walking steps, return to nature and enjoy the present with all our heart, and truly experience that kind of leisurely life fun.






"Love hiking," among the public welfare activity, advocate the new way of life, the whole people to participate in an exercise to "public welfare, health, environmental protection, sports, home" concept into the foot, the positive social significance. It not only can let the general public to enjoy sports in the foot of healthy, happy, promote family communication, let more people enjoy the warmth of family, return to the home, also can let more people feel good physical and mental pleasure, to perform the social responsibility actively.