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2017 huahui group "craftsmanship project" launch conference is held ceremoniously!

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2017/10/09 11:24



"Craftsmanship" is the foundation of an enterprise and the foundation of every practitioner! The market is not short of general products, and will not tolerate defective products, but more and more needs craftsmanship grade products! Without good quality, everything goes to zero! Without good quality, there is no dignity!



In this market change, the remaining for the king of The Times, we need to call again craftsmanship, strengthen craftsmanship, upgrade craftsmanship!


(Mr. Raymond lam, chairman of wah fai group)
Therefore, on October 9, the opening meeting of "craftsmanship project" of huahui group in autumn was held in the headquarters of huahui group.



Meeting, the raf group chairman Lin dong, s cause a general manager, raf group consultant teacher Ann always with you to review the China over the years adhere to the "project", and "engineering" is introduced to everybody.


(Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of huahui group)
Huahui group has been through 36 years, summing up the experience and lessons along the way, the most profound one is: adhere to "craftsmanship"! It is the foundation and value center of huahui.


(Mr. An hae-keung, consultant of wah fai group)
The chairman announced at the meeting "originality project" quality objectives, raf group decision, since this month, strengthen project "originality", again in manufacturing system in order to pass the stipulated time, 12 months can be divided into three stages, it is important to implement quality reached a rate of more than 97%, and 99.9% of the goal.


(Mr. Zeng xincan, director of sanshui production center)
Raf group has its own exclusive "way of business", and insist for a long time to his own "way" to "line" enterprise management, "a belief, a voice," will be one thousand people, many hands make light work, expectations!

(Mr. Fang jianjun, director of dongguan production center)
Craftsmanship concept: the "craftsman" decides the future, starting from the "heart".
Quality philosophy: from zero defects to make customers proud.
Innovation concept: internal and external driving, innovation achievements progress.
Service philosophy: from customer satisfaction to customer trust.


(wah fai production system management personnel oath)
Times are changing, and changes in the market, the product in change, changes in the channel, but no matter how the "art", "meet the needs of the consumers" will not change the business nature, the nature of "business" is reflected in the enterprise of "way of business", master degrees will continue to adhere to the spirit of "originality" meet the consumer demand.