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Master hua furniture yong guan the 23rd Shanghai furniture exhibition!

Brand information
2017/09/12 08:11



In 2017, is the domestic numerous well-known brands to the important development in the international market, China master furniture layout overseas market in recent years, a comprehensive upgrade to expand the brand influence, the initiative to seize the international market.





Gathering domestic and foreign first-line furniture brands, leading the industry trend. On September 12, the 23rd China (Shanghai pudong) international furniture exhibition opened in Shanghai pudong international expo center. On the same day, the master of China exhibition hall was crowded with numerous guests and visitors.





This exhibition, master furniture of China with the grand family series of new wonderful appearance! This year, the dazu series has been showcased at the dongguan famous furniture exhibition in March and the dongguan famous furniture exhibition in August, which has been well received by many dealers and news media at home and abroad. There is no doubt that the dazu series is still very popular in this exhibition.





Picture is truth, the scene is very hot, in China master exhibition hall to visit people are showing a family of series household art model of interest, and ethnic recognition product novelty fully demonstrates China master product advantage and brand influence.





The unique modeling, color matching and craft of the da zu series are at the forefront of the world. Combining with Chinese and western cultural elements, the fashion Chinese style full-solid wood furniture that meets the needs of global consumers is created in an all-round way. Chefs at the same time, in the face of the international market, China to respond to strong launch in August the new development model of "China masters art life pavilion", constantly excavate the enormous development potential, and use the new pattern and fresh air to make the furniture industry in the future development.



After 35 years of brand precipitation, master furniture of China has created a number of industry levels of the "myth", many times refreshing the household industry records. The super product strength and the unique advantages of the brand will make the furniture series of master of China become the focus of the exhibition again, attracting the attention of all people and expanding the global market.



China master furniture since its inception, has been practicing spirit, is committed to provide consumers with natural environmental protection, super durable modern solid wood furniture, has its own furniture industrial park area of over 300000 square meters, has a strong production and processing base, and professional r&d team, is a "Chinese environment mark" certification enterprise. Won "guangdong province famous trademark", "guangdong province famous brand product", has become a vast number of consumers love solid wood experts, ranked in the domestic first-line solid wood furniture brands.