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Master China furniture &GREENFOAM S.R.L global strategic cooperation release

Brand information
2017/09/12 08:30



The golden autumn September, the rich fruits, the stars shining on the Shanghai beach everywhere sending out the breath of harvest, many domestic and foreign excellent furniture brands amazing appearance at the Shanghai furniture exhibition. In this drastic changing global market, in order to seek a new development way and keep up with the world's first-line home design trend, various furniture brands need to strengthen cooperation and advance hand in hand.




In the face of the turbulent market changes, China's master actively deployed the global market. On September 12, master furniture of China and famous Italian mattress brand GREENFOAM S.R.L reached a global strategic cooperation.




GREENFOAM S.R.L is a specialized use of high-tech research and production of high quality mattress pillows from Italy, it is the use of Italy and Europe's leading high-tech mattress brand enterprise, is the pronoun of high-tech environmental protection material mattress, it condensed essence of high-tech production mattress and pillow, environmental non-toxic, creating healthy and comfortable sleep for consumers, with all my heart.



On the same day, Marco, CEO of GREENFOAM S.R.L company, went to master hua's furniture exhibition hall and had a deep conversation with Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of master hua's furniture. Marco constantly consulted the furniture brand culture and product design technology of master of China, and carefully observed the products of the ethnic group. He agrees with the healthy and comfortable lifestyle shown in the furniture exhibition hall of master China.




After in-depth exchange and on-site inspection, Marco, CEO of GREENFOAM S.R.L company, also invited Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of master furniture of China, to visit the exhibition hall of GREENFOAM S.R.L in person.




Field experience and learn more about GREENFOAM S.R.L products, after Mr Lin Xukun be GREENFOAM S.R.L attracted by the high-tech mattress pillows, GREENFOAM S.R.L company advocate of natural environmental protection concept is consistent with real wood furniture of environmental protection of the China masters characteristics.



Based on the common concept of building a healthy and environment-friendly home life, the two sides immediately entered into a strategic cooperation agreement and became the exclusive agent of Italian brand GREENFOAM S.R.L in China.



Master hua furniture will introduce GREENFOAM S.R.L brand mattresses and pillows in an all-round way, and give full play to the essence of health and environmental protection of solid wood furniture, so that tens of millions of people can experience a comfortable and healthy home life experience. The two sides will also create excellence in the future development of the global market and lead the global healthy and comfortable lifestyle.