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World number one! "Master of China art and life hall" press conference to re-create the grand style!

Brand information
2017/08/12 08:45



On August 11, in the afternoon, China art master life hall press conference was held in hall 9 expo garden, with a fresh perspective, China master teacher the first China art life hall, give you presents an elegant art festival.



The "master of China art and life museum" is the latest business model that master of China is devoted to building in 2017. As early as this June, master of China strategic alliance, a top design giant, began to layout the art cloud.



Packed conference site, office Mr AnHaiJiang of raf explain to everybody, "China masters art life hall" mode, you listen to, fully experience the art salon through time.



The music of the guzheng and pipa with lingering sounds on the scene is as intoxicating as flowing water in the mountains. The rhythm of thousands of turns echoes the artistic and cultural atmosphere in the furniture of master hua.



Life pavilion ", "China masters art pattern will be a new concept embedded household life scenes, through a unique scene rendering, various styles of works of art with various style furniture, let art into life, feel the art into the life that occupy the home a new experience.



Life pavilion ", "China masters - art, to the pursuit of the perfect combination of art, culture and life way, through art to replace conventional painting decoration, mechanical copying of commodity, no temperature scene rendering collocation, arts and crafts and household to explain from the simple to provide products to lead the way of life consumption upgrade transformation.




China master out of the art into the corner of life, more artistic and cultural gene in the furniture, household environment with temperature emotional vitality atmosphere, let the consumer in furniture of choose and buy at the same time, also can enjoy good art, choose furniture into a kind of enjoyment, sharing the beauty and value of art, let everybody can bathed in the breath of art and culture.



"China masters - art life hall" agreed by all of us, this is not so much a press conference, as this is a culture and art communication, household into the art of blood in the brand culture, conform to the consumer to upgrade a lot first, in the furniture industry to redefine and shaping the sales service idea, advocated 1 + X to detonate profit idea, will be conducive to help the distribution system through art butler service and support, from a single product profit to sales products and value-added services to make a profit.



"Master of China art life hall" will bring new changes to home life, and customers will also bring new home art life experience, leading the furniture industry to a different marketing upgrade mode.