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Master hua furniture occupy the 38th international famous furniture exhibition! Lead the industry to change!

Brand information
2017/08/11 08:53



On August 11, the 38th international famous furniture (dongguan) exhibition opened in dongguan houjie modern international exhibition center. The whole scene of the crowd surging, standing shoulder to shoulder, once again staged the bustling trade show.



Master this exhibition, China furniture set, once appear to lead China's furniture industry change new attitude, not only with several big series grand appearance, also with the latest business model, the new trend of release beckoning.




China master the launch: series fashionable Chinese style, the new product in the exhibition, in addition to the family series of distinctive modelling, color, process highlights the endless charm, supporting each other with new family life pavilion ", "China masters art art is won countless eyeball.





The Chinese style courtyard style is adopted in the design of master hua's dazu exhibition hall. The new products of the ethnic group are highly praised. Brand new visual experience, so that the master of China exhibition hall doors, lively!





New clean lines, bright color contrast with modern, practical, elegant style of art design is attracted dealers, all the people in the stores, property partner, several mainstream furniture and industry friends to visit the media, on the spot has a lot of business with China, his master to sign the agreement.





More exciting is that the exhibition hall the crowds are active with their own urban area manager to negotiate business, we hope to realize win-win, master degrees hot scenes with strong performance fully demonstrated China masters brand strength, the big brand, the strength is abundant, the joining mode is superior, worth to join.





After a day of the exhibition activities, China teacher have a big party for our dealer friends, thank you for your master's support to China, and hope we can win-win cooperation in the future, common casting brilliant.




Master furniture facing the future development, China has been constantly innovation, in its stride on the way to lead the development of the industry, art and design as a life, as the expression of traditional culture and the carrier, and hope that through this way to gain more benefits, let our dealers achieve 1 + X profit to detonate.