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Master China furniture 2017 annual dealer training conference officially launched!

Brand information
2017/06/27 09:20



Master furniture on June 26, 2017 annual national distributor training meeting officially launched, the training meeting gathered across the country nearly 400 distribution business people back to the headquarters in dongguan, in houjie international hotel open exciting journey of training l.



30 points, 19 PM with passionate music, Lin Xukun, general manager of China master furniture delivered a wonderful speech, instantly lit the atmosphere, people enthusiasm, began the assembly in the full state of mind.



Teacher ye gang, a famous marketing master in the industry, was invited to give a lecture at the training conference. Teacher ye gang will give a 4-day and 5-night marketing knowledge training to the family. At the same time, a team of professional teaching assistants will be formed to help families learn how to improve sales performance, how to improve their ability and how to break through themselves.




In order to make everyone more quickly into the team learning, a full 400 people freedom of 36 group, and give each group is configured with a teaching assistant, let each group in the form of the cumulative score PK each other, we give full play to the team creativity, team leader, group name, slogan, and set goals. Build team strength with the most devoted attitude.




The family works together and actively follows the rhythm of the meeting. All the participants in the training show great enthusiasm for learning and positive interaction. We all look forward to learning to charge ourselves in this training, and strive to achieve a leap in self-breakthrough, team breakthrough and performance.




After learning the venue, the master furniture store expo garden, houjie town, everyone together come to China to learn product knowledge, home people view China master various series furniture, constantly ask China master product research and development professionals for product knowledge, and the site experience zero distance China master the simple sense of solid wood furniture.





Training conference will be from June 26 - June 30, every day courses are different, let a person full of enthusiasm, up to now, the training has a day and a night, we still have a boiling passion, every time break dance dance dance consciously.




With such a state of mind, I believe that the family will surely achieve good results in the next three days, achieve my greatest breakthrough and jointly create super team value. I also wish that families can return to this training with full capacity, learn from achievements, summarize experience and quickly improve store performance.