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Hua shifu: use action to speak for the public good! Care for the old with love!

Brand information
2017/06/21 09:27



On June 21, China the teacher with a number of furniture to houjie to respect center, full of love for this batch of furniture to respect center reading room, convenient for old people to read and write, send boring boring life.



Teacher staff early in the morning, China will be sent to houjie to respect center, China teacher staff quickly open the packing, after arriving in respect center want to install the furniture as soon as possible, so that in this way, old people can sitting on a table as early as possible to read and write.




We all worked together and soon saw the beautiful chairs and tables. The old people in the nursing home finally have a number of desks and chairs that can be used for reading and writing. They were very happy.




Master the operation of China will add more color to the old people's life, also further carry forward the "respect for the elderly to respect" spirit, is good for rich old man's spiritual and cultural life, let the old people really felt the social and family care.



In fact, this is not the first time master hua visited the honghu street elderly care center. On the afternoon of May 24, under the guidance of the general manager Mr Lin Xukun China teacher management team braved the rain to raise supplies come to houjie to respect center, hope that with the real action send care and accompany to the old people.



After the handover of materials with the staff of the nursing home, we all came to the homes of the elderly to visit their daily lives. The old man felt much happier when he saw so many young people.



Teacher management team is the visiting nursing homes, China not only awareness of yixian old people's living conditions, also learned to respect center, houjie town, prepares for the lack of a group of suitable furniture of the reading room. Upon hearing the news, Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of master furniture of China, immediately promised to donate a batch of furniture to the elderly center.



Master hua's act of caring for the elderly is only part of master hua's public welfare action. Master hua has been giving back to the society for many years. A long time ago, master hua set up the "hua-hui assistantship program". Huahui assistantship fund has been fulfilling its social responsibilities and helping people in need when there are difficulties in society.



China master's public interest action will continue to focus on the social, caring, master degrees will spread positive energy to the society with more practical action, let more people to participate in the social public interest action, to help people in need.