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[wisdom struggle] master hua furniture management training conference wonderful ending!

Brand information
2017/05/26 09:43



From May 22 to May 25, the "master of China furniture management training conference" was held in the headquarters of huahui group for three days and four nights.



This training conference is wonderful, aiming to break through ourselves, improve team cooperation ability and execution ability, and build a health management team that is brave to take risks and dare to go out.
▌ free team



The management members of master hua furniture are free to divide into nine teams at random, and the PK between the nine teams will be carried out, and all activities will be assessed through the accumulated scoring method. In such training activities, we have demonstrated strong team cooperation ability and execution ability, and each performance has been exceptionally successful and creative.




▌ true my elegant demeanour




This training is a highlight of nine teams really I thear activities, through this activity, everyone's breakthrough self, completely let go, release their infinite energy, try many himself had never break through.




▌ action with love
On the afternoon of May 24th, under the leadership of Mr. Lin xukun, the general manager, the management team collected materials and came to the honghu street elderly care center, hoping to bring the energy of love to the elderly people of the nursing home.



Training is not only to increase the capacity of people, also don't forget to Thanksgiving in a call to, hope everybody can learn after the work with love to give back to society, it is also a Chinese teacher over the years insist on the idea, for a long time, China master when xu li development adhere to give back to society, dedicated to helping people in need, share with more people better.




▌ simulation recruitment



Is it contagious? Yes, this is the master furniture management team of China with their own wisdom and sweat to create a simulated recruitment site, lively, vivid, quite attractive.



Through such simulation recruitment, everybody can recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, complement each other, to improve the management team in daily work management ability and strain capacity of events.




▌ set goals



Training, the company to all allocated tasks to each department, each department task decomposition of the department goals, performance appraisal to each, in the process of target decomposition, in line with the attitude of seeking truth from facts, pragmatic, with the combination of experience and scientific method, determines reasonable and achievable goals.





▌ award
In the end, the company rewarded the former excellent management team, and Mr. Lin xukun, the general manager, presented the award and made a speech. Hope of reward researchers were able to keep up the good work, to create better results for the company, at the same time, hope not reward researchers say: don't be discouraged, believe in yourself, have the courage to try, bring your ideas to achieve it, believe that the man standing on the stage to collect the next is you.


First place winner: the blazers


Second prize winner: champion


Third place winner: the wolves



This is the three days and four nights, wisdom challenge is also committed to growth for three days and four nights, China master the management team of furniture in the training meeting learned to bear, learn the breakthrough, increase of wisdom.



With the energy that master management team will make China a better place, make China master one hundred brand dream more firm, with this faith, China master will be more brilliant tomorrow!