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Come home with a load! The 37th furniture exhibition master hua won a capital "beautiful"!

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2017/03/20 10:10


The 37th famous furniture (dongguan) exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. The master of China exhibition hall of these five days is the railway station of Spring Festival transportation. We are particularly interested in master furniture of China and keep asking about the products. And the business manager and chat with the heat, now let's go back and forth with the master of these wonderful moments!
First of all, from the outside, it is "people follow the crowd". The door has been blocked, but there are still many people trying to squeeze in. It can be seen that master's home has many fires!


Into the exhibition hall, still can see an endless stream of people, some people watch repeatedly touch products, some simply sit up, of course lie sofa, sit table eat lunch box can also be (master of secretly tell you, China in this five days every day to the guest prepared hundreds of bento!) .



Master in the comings and goings of abortion, China furniture is favored by a lot of people, business managers are busy as a bee, teacher have a guest come to understand China furniture and depth of communication, the local tyrants bosses word will find business manager to sign a contract with joining!



Celebrities from all walks of life and master exhibition industry leader to visit China, and China master furniture said greatly appreciated (the day before yesterday has told you all about these celebrities, don't forget to oh ~)!



When it comes to this exhibition, don't forget our new product launch, which is amazing! At this press conference, we introduced the dazu series of products in detail and explained the definition of new Chinese goods.



The foreign friend is really lovely, they say to like fashionable Chinese style very much, very good-looking big clan series, ask to be able to open shop in their country (we are very happy)!



Look at the picture to talk, master hua in this furniture exhibition harvest quite a lot!
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