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The world sees • the big Oriental nation -- Lin xukun dialogue zhu zheqin!

Brand information
2017/03/16 10:16



Today, the booth of master of China welcomes the United Nations goodwill ambassador and world see initiator zhu zheqin, and has a dialogue with the general manager Lin xukun on "culture and craftsmanship".


"The world sees -- a journey of national handicraft exploration", jointly initiated by the United Nations and zhu zheqin, is aimed at promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese culture and promoting "Chinese creation".
Zhu zheqin, China's contemporary cross-music, artistic and design fashion leader, China's first internationally renowned earthsound singer, the United Nations "China goodwill ambassador."



In 2009, the United Nations development program (undp) and zhu zheqin jointly launched the "world see - national handicraft search tour". After many times, dadawa see goodwill action group "and the" world, joint major Chinese media and Chinese contemporary famous designer (including furniture designer), into the country, a "world saw - ethnic arts and crafts" tour, visiting collected various/class national craft products (including the furniture technology), from the early stage of the acquisition, product design, proofing, production, production mid, to the product forming, in-depth integration and using the power of the industry, for the development of modern art and the product, the output of domestic and foreign markets, form a closed loop of the contemporary folk art products industry.



Master the dadawa search in China: "", the modern Chinese products, in the 37th famous furniture exhibition, with dongguan raf Lin Xukun furniture industrial co., LTD. General manager in the exhibition scene dialogue, the two also love the practitioners of traditional Chinese culture, went on a" culture and originality "cross-border dialogue.



As a practitioner of traditional Chinese culture and craftsmanship, Lin xukun and his team launched the "great nation" series of products in this exhibition. Big nation, the essence that centralizes Chinese nation traditional furniture culture becomes greatly, blend in contemporary fashionable element to do not break classic charm again contemporary fashionable Chinese style furniture. Its inheritance and innovation in culture and craftsmanship coincide with zhu's theme and spirit of "seeing the world".



At the master's booth in China, zhu zheqin repeatedly observed the products of large ethnic groups and asked about the handicraft in detail. He was deeply attracted by the exquisite handicraft and the lifestyle presented by the big ethnic group.
Lin Xukun to dadawa tells the story: series of brand, source of design inspiration, elements, etc., the traditional culture of zen Buddhism product behind the emotion and aesthetics of Chinese style household, as well as the new generation of Chinese craftsmen and ideal.

Dadawa to Lin Xukun cultural inheritance and the practice, and discusses how to better use the Chinese culture to the original brand and product, and I wish China master ", "family become bearing products of China's contemporary spirit, make the traditional culture into the modern life, more to the world.