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The 2017 Spring Festival gala of crafit group

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2017/01/20 10:45


The golden rooster dance new spring, phoenix send auspicious. 2016 will become the common memory, you and me fit and with good will to 2017, raf group company 2016 annual honor commendation congress and the Spring Festival gala in January 19, 2017 in the four seasons restaurant. Raf group, dongguan raf furniture industrial co., LTD., foshan sanshui broad raf industrial co., LTD., co., LTD., dongguan city, guangdong yong unilever fai household China master furniture co., LTD. Staff harbor the joyful mood together, friendship between colleagues, family relationship between employees and enterprises are gathering here, formed a sea of joy.



This annual meeting is composed of six parts: speech from senior management, toast from management, recognition of advanced, performance of staff program, lucky draw and evaluation. Mr. Lin binghui, chairman of the company, delivered a warm speech. Secondly, the system reform was proposed, and the core of "craftsman spirit" of huahui was insisted. At the same time, it stimulates the progress and puts forward the strategic idea of "big brand, small unit". Finally issued a call, only "roll up the sleeves to work hard", will be able to achieve results, and at the same time to encourage huahui people with wisdom management and struggle.


Crafit Lin binhui speech
Company first division general manager Mr Lin Xukun speech at the party proposed to build a learning health tiejun, improve individual and team cohesion of, build atmosphere for management and improve the management level of enterprises and execution. Second division general manager Mr Lin Xutao delivered a speech at the party concluded in 2016 hui household by adjusting the store operation mode, performance is generally rose, many stores earnings rise by more than 50%, in the aspect of channel Marketing Department has been added, also produced good results. In 2017, we will continue to work hard to create more brilliant performance with service as our guide. The two general managers affirmed and praised the hard work and dedication of all the staff, looked forward to the future, and sent out the best wishes for the New Year, so that the staff could make a passionate worship.


Speech by Lin xukun, general manager of the first division


Speech by Lin xutao, general manager of the second division


Through more than 30 years of development, the company has completed the precipitation of "quality" and the sublimation of "quantity". We always adhere to the belief of "dare to challenge and develop permanently". In the course of the company's development over the past 30 years, the company has also created a number of excellent managers and employees. Today, there are a number of bright new stars, accept the gold medal, certificate of honor and bonus issued by chairman Lin binghui, which reflects the company's deep love for talents. At the party, the company also awarded the gold medal for ten years' contribution to employees who have worked in the company for ten years.


Chairman Lin binghui awarded the gold medal to the staff of the decade contribution award


Chairman Lin binghui issues certificates and bonuses to outstanding employees


Chairman Lin binghui presented a special contribution award to Ms. Guo liwei


The evening show was wonderful and the atmosphere was warm. The national dance performance of the direct department of "youth like fire" opened the program, bringing the whole audience to a boil. There are also modern dance "charm unlimited", model show "brand runway show", solo singing "red sun", national dance "dai girls" and other wonderful programs. Beautiful songs, beautiful dance, wonderful catwalk bring infinite joy, at the same time also let co-workers is more close to the heart, singing, applause, has been the venue on the ripples.


Direct department of modern dance "charm unlimited" performance


Business a runway show "brand runway show" performance


Career two national dance "miao girls" performance


Direct ministry of the national dance "dai girls" performance
The most exciting thing is the lucky draw. The rich prizes and bonuses affect everyone's heart. Interspersed in the middle of the program with the lucky draw, the annual meeting is constantly raised the climax. In the lottery, it reflects the company's kindness and care to the old employees and the incentive to the new employees. Finally, the party ended successfully with the song "unforgettable tonight". The bright youth flavor, the strong corporate culture, the image of huahui people's elegant demeanour, fully reflects the company's staff youth passionate, enterprising spirit.


Chairman Lin binghui presented the prize to the special prize winners of the material prize


The first prize winner of the material prize was awarded by Mrs. Lin pingmei, chairman of the board


Lin xukun, general manager of the first division, presented the prize to the first prize winners of the cash award


Lin xutao, general manager of the second division, presented the prize to the second prize winner of the material award
Farewell to the glorious year of 2016 and embrace the promising year of 2017. In the spirit of passion, we will face 2017 with no slack, no fear and head high. In 2017, a new starting point and a new voyage, we hope that every hua-hui people will continue to make great efforts and create new glory!