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Master hua furniture: "love • hiking" people's public welfare travel

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2016/10/31 11:26




On October 30, hosted by the famous household expo garden, dongguan city, outdoor sports association on foot to undertake household expo garden in the name of the first dongguan ", love hiking, "all the public line (hereinafter referred to as the" love, hiking ") was successfully held. China as a cooperative unit to participate in the activities, master furniture spread to advocate a healthy lifestyle, communicate the concepts of love, arouse people's attention to a healthy life and home culture, urging people to return to the family, more to the family company.






This "love hiking" activity is themed with health, public welfare and green, and is held in dongguan tongsha ecological park with beautiful environment. Attract 15000 hikers to participate in this activity, raf furniture industrial co., LTD., dongguan city, the master and Mr Bing-hui Lin, chairman of China furniture Lin Xukun, raf household Lin Xutao served as general manager, general manager of the lead guest. Hikers about four hours, with completed 18 kilometers around the green, plus a parent-child activities in the activity, make children, older people have more fun in the hike. The activity also incorporated the public welfare into the campaign. Master hua donated 50,000 yuan to the social welfare cause in this activity and became the gold public welfare ambassador of this activity. All the money raised by this activity is spent on public welfare to help the people in greatest need. The participants responded warmly and made positive contributions to deliver the positive energy of "public welfare, health and love".




Hiking is an outdoor sport that can be "participated by the whole people". At the same time, it is also a form for people to return to their families. It is a kind of "family culture" to promote family communication and cultivate harmonious families of mutual assistance and mutual love. Lin binghui, chairman of dongguan huahui furniture industry co., LTD., called on people to return to their families more, accompany their families and embrace "family culture". Modern people often busy with work and ignores the family life, the love hiking activity is to let the general public on the weekend with his family fitness walking good opportunity, can both public welfare at the same time, why not?





In this activity, everywhere can see the elements of the home furnishing industry, the furniture square formation of more than 100 people by master of China has become a beautiful scenery in this activity. The three concepts of health, environmental protection and public welfare proposed by this hiking activity are exactly in line with the furniture of master hua. Master hua furniture is an enterprise that attaches great importance to family, health, environmental protection and family relations. The "love hiking" activities, is to call for the public to return to family, to family members more patience and communication, can make the hikers aside all kinds of disputes and bitterness of life, under the usual gently took his strong legs, move forward step by step, at the same time, in the walk in the footsteps of truly feel the true meaning of life, enjoy the fun of the life, put his heart into the into the warm arms of the nature, the real experience a carefree life calmly.