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Master hua "pass a craftsman" series surprise appearance Shanghai the 22nd China international furniture exhibition, explode the

Brand information
2016/09/08 11:32



Today, the 22nd China international furniture exhibition in Shanghai, which lasts for four days, officially opened. China master furniture with creative exhibition hall design, high level of appearance, high quality, high grade products in coordination and leading the international market, attracting dealers, designers and buyers from all over the world customers.






China master furniture with pour in 2016 to build the new "pass" series debut in Shanghai China international furniture fair, fluent line design, exquisite processing technology by the praise of the industry and dealers around the world. Since its inception, the hall of master of China, such as the flow of people crucian carp, business negotiations are hot, the scene is extraordinary. On the first day, we signed up many customers from Europe, America, Middle East and southeast Asia, as well as more than ten domestic distributors.






The potter series featured hardwood noble north American black walnut, woodiness eyebrows.its, texture clear, wood toughness good, use the succinct fashion design technique and unique wooden craft, highlights the majesty of the sovereign. Fashionistas love to set things up in their homes, fully reflecting their personal opinions, just as musicians cling to the beat. The literati elegant person that has romantic breath, often be fond of noble and elegant classic music, and the light music that melody is relaxed and graceful, be like the temperament of furniture of transmission craftsman series, romantic and not frivolous; The fashionable person that likes vogue to yearn for freedom, preference is concise and anacreontic popular music, also be like to pass on a craftsman series furniture contracted, classic contemporary sense, rich and not multifarious.




On the software, by using the top leather, leather soft and comfortable, permeability is strong, fully display the potter series products of exquisite detail and high quality, is the perfect combination of fashion trends and the Nordic culture, from matter to spirit, all-round to meet the modern elite household life.



Wise men, make themselves, and enjoy life. Than Chinese style furniture "red tape" of the potter series beauty so wise, elegant, peaceful, cater to the modern elite people pursuit of fashion, and do not break the traditional connotation of life taste. Passer series is well-deserved, become the first choice of high-end furniture of Nordic style.