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Wei dong, mayor of dongguan city, came to visit master hua's furniture exhibition hall

Brand information
2016/08/14 11:45




August 13 morning, the mayor of dongguan city zhizhou party secretary Wan Zhuopei in houjie town, dongguan famous furniture club director bing-hui Lin, guangdong modern exhibition management co., LTD., a managing director Lin prosper, guangdong modern exhibition management co., LTD., vice general manager of Chen Weisheng, famous furniture exhibition Fang Runzhong etc., accompanied by to visit our company, general manager of no. 3 c09 China master exhibition hall visit guidance, China master Lin Xukun furniture general manager gave them a warm reception.





During the visit to the exhibition hall, mayor liang weidong was very interested in master huafei's furniture products. He asked about the start-up process, development process and management methods of huafei company with great interest. Also carefully inquired about the China master the material characteristics of solid wood furniture, product design and style, process technology and related problems such as the exhibition effect, general manager Mr Lin Xukun are given to the answer. After the general manager Mr Lin Xukun introduction, zhizhou the mayor and other leaders very affirmation and praise the raf company of proud achievement and contribution, and wish to continue to play an raf in solid wood furniture culture, products, technology, brand building, furniture appreciation, the respect such as resource integration advantages and experience, to promote and stimulate the development of the industry's sustainable development.
Every furniture exhibition, China's high-end real wood furniture leading brand - master of China furniture exhibition hall is always a sea of people, its products have attracted numerous domestic and foreign business customers. At the 36th international famous furniture (dongguan) exhibition, China maintained their master furniture furniture enterprises, leading the fashion trend, the Nordic amorous feelings of creative new products, to the exhibitors and exhibition staff left a deep impression, added a part of for the exhibition.
This exhibition, master furniture of China received a good exhibition effect, the harvest of the joy. So far, there are more than 100 prospective customers from all over the country. After 34 years, master hua furniture has been committed to building healthy and environment-friendly solid wood furniture.