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Master hua furniture "campaign" dongguan famous furniture exhibition, "pass the craftsman" series lead Nordic fashion, bloom ano

Brand information
2016/08/13 14:26



On August 11, the 36th international famous furniture (dongguan) exhibition opened in dongguan houjie modern international exhibition center. Master hua furniture continues the previous exhibition booth - 3C09. Low-key and luxurious decoration, with fashionable and healthy products on display, with unique and exquisite design, exquisite materials and workmanship quality, has become a shining star in dongguan famous furniture exhibition.










Show after the opening ceremony, vice governor of yunnan province a choleric schoenberg, deputy head of department of commerce, guangdong province, wu jun, vice mayor of dongguan Zhang Shaokang, mayor of linyi city of shandong province Zhang Shuping, ms zhu changling, chairman of the China furniture association, the secretary-general bing-bing zhang, secretary of the town ZhenWei Wan Zhuopei, houjie town, dongguan city, dongguan famous furniture club director bing-hui Lin, President of guangdong furniture association Wang Ke, President of guangdong furniture chamber of commerce, zhi-xiong he, wong, chairman of the Hong Kong furniture association, treasure, Chen Yanmu, chairman of the China household brand alliance, the national federation of industry and furniture decoration industry chamber of commerce, month, star group chairman Ding Zuohong, Red star group director, vice President of ms CheJianFang and other leaders to visit my company, "China masters" pavilion, company product gave high praise to me, and have high hopes for the company's sustainable development.
This exhibition, China master key "pass" series furniture, clean lines, bright color contrast with modern, practical, elegant style of art and design by dealers, all the people in the stores, property partner, several mainstream furniture and industry friends to visit the media, the scene atmosphere hot, jostling.




Classic or innovative, what does not change is the simple, fashionable, comfortable, fine design concept that master hua upholds from beginning to end and the design lasting appeal that unique vogue lives in life; Adhere to the goal of providing perfect and comfortable home life for customers; It presents comfortable, practical, meticulous and rigorous quality. The best quality materials, the most rigorous production process, every detail is clear and perfect.
With the mission of "building a century-old brand of solid wood furniture" as the enterprise mission, master hua has been studying the household needs of domestic and foreign consumers for 34 years. Research in a large number of domestic consumer demand, on the basis of access to foreign markets, in view of the domestic and foreign consumer life and culture of precipitation, starting from the research and development design, guided by the demands of consumers for research and development, manufacture, to satisfy consumers, guide consumers access to more advanced experience, comfortable household, this is also China master furniture to make all the cornerstone of customer service and after-sale service. In the future, master hua furniture will continue to impress people with its products, change people's lives, and let the truly outstanding national brands go abroad and spread throughout the world market.