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Huayi furniture 7.16 "huayi night" factory direct purchase will be a complete success

Brand information
2016/07/19 14:26



Master hua furniture 7.16 direct purchase meeting site

On July 16, 2016, from 19:00 to 24:00, the direct purchase meeting of master 7.16 was held in dongguan houjie exhibition hall. On the day of the activity, dealers, sales consultants and more than 1000 customers from hundreds of regions in China rushed to dongguan houjie exhibition hall of master furniture of China to participate in the activity. Activity master furniture not only has China's seven big series products can choose and buy, more discount and golden eggs and other activities, the scene was very spectacular, is a domestic outfit in the summer of 2016.

Customers from all regions signed their names on the signature wall



All the regional teams took group photos
Starting at 19:00 PM, teams from all regions arrived successively and signed their names on the wall to collect the gift bags carefully prepared by master hua furniture for customers. After that, I entered the furniture exhibition hall of master hua. Under the introduction and explanation of professional furniture consultants, customers can experience various home styles and choose their favorite furniture rationally. The atmosphere was as hot as this hot summer.


Customers buy the furniture in the exhibition hall


Good luck will come when a golden egg falls



Customers who place orders in the cashier section
Visit customers packed in the exhibition hall, who also lined up at the same time, the customers are orderly queue order along with the order that is elegantly hot hundred winning hit golden eggs, since the activity began to hit a golden eggs in golden eggs was knocking on the ringing sound is heard, more customers to hit 57 golden egg, supplies award, the prize of one thousand yuan in cash by a number of customers to hit out, the winner is both surprise and excitement! By the end of the event, transactions had reached a one-day record in just a few hours.




Some grand prize winners
In this activity, in addition to master China furniture products that is, China master furniture serving customers friends enthusiasm, thoughtful, good service won praise you, transfer, delicate and delicious cakes, cool solution dry cold rest area and so on, make the customers feel the general consideration and warmth!
In 34 years, master furniture of China has always adhered to the core enterprise concept of "diligence, refinement and innovation", which has witnessed the prosperity and development of China's furniture industry. And domestic tens of millions of customers and partners who support the furniture of master hua witnessed the birth and growth of master hua furniture. This activity, master furniture of China with the greatest sincerity expressed to the vast number of consumers and partners of gratitude; With the most real side let more people into the master, understand master, love master! In the future, master huayi furniture will give back every customer friend and partner who supports master huayi furniture with better products and more considerate services. At the same time full of confidence, for the next 30 years unremitting efforts, to achieve the centenary old solid wood furniture brand beautiful vision, continue to write new magnificent poetry!