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The 2016 national sales elite training conference of master furniture of China ended successfully

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2016/06/25 14:38



The five-day China master furniture 2016 national sales elite training conference ended successfully on June 24. After five days of training and study, the furniture person of master hua not only gained knowledge but also gained friendship and affection.
Mutual learning is fun
Experience sharing: crouching tiger, hidden dragon



A successful training, should not only focus on students' professional knowledge, more want to know the students their own energy released, get exercise and practice in learning, his product knowledge home sales can truthfully, can really help to consumers. Focus on the training, product production technology and processes, build efficient execution team, terminal sales management, sales objection handling, active marketing courses such as the telephone marketing, micro letter to explain. During these few days of training, students concentrate on their studies, work hard to improve themselves, work together as a team, and timely digest what they have learned.


Through the PK practice, the students have skillfully applied the course content into it. They have proved themselves to be an excellent high-quality guide and management with actions. One student said that "the company has such exquisite and high-quality products as guarantee, and now I have received professional knowledge training, which is a lot of confidence".


Graduated from the scene


Third team: the sick team


Runner-up team: the fire team


Champion team: charge team


In the top three PK teams

Third prize in the PK contest: pei fang, liu qin and yu tianxia


Second prize in PK contest: gong yu and wang ruoxi


First prize in PK contest: fengya

In the top three PK combat positions
The good times we had together, the team fighting, the honest interactions we Shared, the gains, the accolades, the bonuses, the benefits Every moment of your experience will roll through the rest of your life.

Bring big photo
Let us meet again, the next master furniture training meeting, let us grow together with master furniture, let us work together to create brilliant!