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Dongguan city government leaders visited huahui furniture to investigate

Brand information
2015/08/15 16:30



On August 4, 2015, dongguan municipal committee, municipal party committee united front work department minister xiao-mei li and houjie town Yuan Run pile such as a line representing the and united front work department of the municipal party committee to houjie visit private enterprises and development of enterprises, understand the enterprise in the difficulties encountered in the process of development, the government will give corresponding support to help.




At about 9am, li xiaomei, member of the standing committee of dongguan municipal party committee, minister of the municipal united front department, and yuan rundui, member of houjie party committee, visited China to visit huihui furniture. Mr. Lin binghui, chairman of huahui furniture, and general manager Lin xukun warmly received the visiting guests. Symposium, the chairman Mr Bing-hui Lin led to the government introduced the raf furniture since founded in 1982, 33 years of development, enterprise culture, the condition of company system and related enterprises, on how to plan to build one hundred enterprises and the creation of one hundred old brand expounds his views and ideas. The development history of houjie furniture industry is also described in detail. Through the introduction, guests have gained a deeper understanding and understanding of the huahui family.




Symposium, secretary of the municipal united front work department walker in China the development of the hui and the raf's contribution to the society has made the full affirmation, and hopes the raf in the path of development in the future continue to carry forward the raf entrepreneurial spirit, out of a possible route to innovation, make a greater contribution to society.
Thank the municipal party committee and municipal government for the recognition and care support of our hua-hui furniture and private enterprises, we will make unremitting efforts to create a century-old enterprise and a century-old brand in the coming days!