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Master of China's third quarter performance up 20 per cent year on year!

Brand information
2014/12/23 16:45

Dongguan Crafit Furniture Industrial Co.,LTD was established officially in 1982, kept fulfilling craftsman sprit, devoted to provide environmental, cost-effectively modern durable solid wood furniture , Crafit owns furniture industrial park of more than 300,000 square meters area; got “Chinese environment mark" award. Its brand "Masterhua" was awarded "Guangdong famous trademark" and "Guangdong famous brand product". Crafit has become the beloved solid wood furniture experts of numerous consumers.



Dongguan Crafit Furniture Industrial Co., LTD is a child company to Hong Kong Crafit Group. Hong Kong Crafit group owns four branch companies: Dongguan Crafit furniture industrial co., LTD., Foshan Sanshui Crafit Industrial Co., LTD., Guangdong Yongli Crafit Furniture Co., LTD and Dongguan Crafit Holdings., LTD. Mainly engaged the business of Furniture research, manufacturing, home furnishing transport and villa/hotel projects supplying.



Dream is connected to direction, direction decides the fate. ”Crafit Dream”  is to make brand Masrtehua to be the best solid wood furniture expert, make Crafit Furniture to be a respected life-time-honored Brand. “Crafit Dream” is not only the dream of Crafit enterprise; it is also the dream of all Crafit people. With the guiding enterprise spirit of “Diligence, Proficiencyand innovation”, by untiring hard work, Crafit people fully believe they will realize “Crafit Dream”