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Swing north, continue the legend, master of China BONN will soon appear at the Beijing exhibition

Brand information
2018/06/13 15:42


2018 Beijing international furniture exhibition and intelligent life day tomorrow in Beijing, China international exhibition center (new) kicks off, furniture as the furniture China master the industry, has been with its originality, BONN and to BONN, with some of the domestic and foreign merchants to a forest!




Swing north, again show the international stage


In this exhibition, China master furniture style products to Germany at the same time, for more people present heart type high quality life, let the audience through the appearance of the product, design, functionality and artistic fully feel the pure heart type way of life.







In dongguan international furniture exhibition in March, BONN, once appearance will be many visitors, it has been more than a dozen stores, especially in nanjing jin chengguo border shop, opened created 630000 sales in only seven days, market recognition to be reckoned with.


Complete style, reproduce the brand competitiveness


Huayi furniture is committed to providing thousands of users with the perfect home planning program of health, environmental protection, comfort and fashion. So far, it has covered more than 400 stores in large and medium-sized cities across the country. The product series with novel style and different styles provide more possibilities for different consumers to live in.


JANE  -- select "African jungle aristocracy" ebony and use traditional manual skills to achieve a timeless modern classic.



Han's Series——In particular, it is a collision between culture and art. It is a combination of quality and craft.


Meesm Series——In this way, you can get a new definition of modern life style by discarding the complexity and triviality of traditional American style and integrating more simple and modern elements.


Originality Series - select hardwood noble north American black walnut, inject the spirit of craftsman passed down from generation to generation by master hua, and create incredible light and luxurious and simple beauty.


Northern Europe Series -- inheriting Nordic style, absorbing modern concepts, perfectly combining life philosophy and lifestyle, showing elegance and atmosphere.


Ebony Series -- from design to materials, all of them show delicacy and delicacy. The strong wood texture and round design concept all show human nature and natural beauty.


Pure moral life with forest aesthetics and gifts!

Master hua furniture Beijing international furniture exhibition,

We sincerely invite you to visit the exhibition site.

A masterpiece of perfection!