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Double arrow hair, furniture exhibition in August master hua again lift fashion storm!

Brand information
2018/08/11 17:49



Today, the 40 th international furniture (dongguan) exhibition officially kicked off.
As the most influential real wood furniture brand,
Master hua presented with the best of the year "BONN" and "JANE".
The audience was amazed by the exotic art tour.

German reason and Italian romance



The BONN series of products exhibited by master hua are based on the German forest culture. The design concept is stable, deep, firm and soft. Based on the emphasis on simple aesthetics, intelligent sound and photoelectric design are integrated, which complies with the aesthetic needs and spiritual pursuit of young consumers. At the exhibition site, the simple charm of the original wood and the exquisite and exquisite of the pure German craft impressed the audience.




In the display area of JANE series, the simple Italian style furniture made by "jungle aristocrat" -- wujin wood not only gives people a sense of beauty that flows on the vision, but also makes visitors marvel at the fashion elements created by traditional handicraft.




Quality of life under cultural collision



As a high-end brand in the field of solid wood furniture, master hua is like a wise leader. He has built his advanced fashion sensitivity through trials and hardships and precipitation. The two series exhibited in this exhibition are on the basis of preserving the texture of the wood itself, combining with the Oriental cultural characteristics and integrating with the western modern aesthetics, paying attention to the atmosphere building of the whole space. Here, high-end exquisite is not only furniture, but also life quality and lifestyle.




Services help brands take off
In addition to the "charm attribute" of the product itself, the audience is also attracted by the first-class service level of master hua. After 36 years of brand accumulation, master hua has established a sound service management system, with a pragmatic and innovative investment attraction team and experienced supervision team, in order to meet the diversified demands of the market and support dealers to open the market quickly. At the exhibition, master hua's team appeared in the public eye with professional attitude and enthusiastic service as usual, presenting the posture that a well-known enterprise should have.
The 40th international famous furniture (dongguan) exhibition will last until 14th. Master hua sincerely invites you to visit the exhibition and share the wealth legend!