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Fly, yao future master ┃ China furniture fair in August fascinating finale!

Brand information
2018/08/15 08:31



Yesterday afternoon, the curtain came down on the 4th international famous furniture (dongguan) exhibition which lasted for four days. The products exhibited by master hua, BONN and JANE jianyi, have reappeared the charm of solid wood furniture on the international stage with their exquisite craftsmanship and unique design.



Original superb, the world stage show colorful



The two series of master hua's exhibition are two new products launched in March this year. After nearly half a year's market polishing, the technology is more advanced and the design is more mature. They take the popular demand as the direction, take the modern fashion esthetic appeal as the thought, in the design strives for hundred percent reappearance the western way of life. Or sedate reason, or meaningful romance, sit and walk between, reveal extraordinary.




The charm of the brand, many merchants come to



In the exhibition hall of "hundred flowers race yan", the two major products of master hua are full of highlights. They all integrate western modern aesthetics on the basis of preserving the texture of the wood itself and pay attention to creating the original exotic life atmosphere. There was a constant stream of visitors. Many merchants appreciate the master of China, site signing.




Big coffee gathered, visiting guests in admiration



With 36 years of accumulation and experience, master hua has established a good reputation and corporate image, and the stars are shining behind it. Mr. Lin binghui, chairman of the board of directors, has also practiced a whole body of craftsman feelings and advanced leadership qualities. Mr. Lin xukun, general manager, also has a unique insight into innovative design. Visitors from the manufacturing industry, the design industry, the trade association and the cooperative shopping mall came to visit the master's booth in China, and many great people gathered there.




The policy is opened, expand furniture market territory again



During the exhibition, master hua initiated the preferential franchise policy and held the dealer appreciation banquet in autumn 2018 to let customers have a deeper understanding of master hua's enterprise culture, research and development ability, production scale, product positioning and strategic planning. Thank new and old customers for their support and love for master furniture!



Art design, to be an inheritor of the spirit of innovation



On the afternoon of August 11, Mr. Yu chaohai, assistant general manager of huahui furniture, attended the licensing ceremony of "establishment meeting of furniture branch of guangdong Chen art association". At the summit of arttech, Mr. An haiqiang, a senior consultant of huahui furniture company, talked with guests from the furniture industry and the design industry about "reaching the terminal, leveraging industrial upgrading through design and manufacturing", and won applause from the public for his unique views. "In fact, we have already carried out the exploration of design and manufacturing, and integrated art design into the process of product making." Huafei furniture design innovation a step forward, it may be said the industry model.



Under the double edges of "design" and "intelligent building", huayushi furniture will continue to develop, combine its market positioning and brand characteristics, continuously cultivate solid wood culture, and work with partners to create a better home living environment for users with better products and higher level of services!