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The more fashionable yue ", "master ┃ China furniture strength attack international furniture fair in Shanghai

Brand information
2018/09/11 18:12



Today, the 24th China international furniture exhibition opens grandly in Shanghai pudong new area new international expo center. The high-end solid wood furniture brand -- master hua presented his annual masterpieces "BONN" and "JANE JANE" with magnificence, presenting a feast of solid wood culture with high quality, high grade and high style for visitors at home and abroad!




In this exhibition, master hua always decorates the booth with real scene experience, aiming to bring the most "virtuous" style of life to the audience. At the exhibition site, the very different space layout of one show and two products attracted the attention of many visitors.




"BONN BONN" and "JANE JANE" are aesthetic designs based on the interpretation of minimalism and modern lifestyle, which are positioned as household products under the smart city and targeted at people who pursue exquisite life. In busy and numerous city, the home is the habitat of body and mind, people is released from the high pressure work, come back home, can feel natural breath and romantic atmosphere.



In terms of appearance design, "BONN" and "JANE JANE" combine the essence of western life and aesthetic connotation of minimalism. While retaining the original texture of wood, they also use materials such as iron art, glass and marble, which are compatible with material psychology and design psychology, highlighting the style in comfort and comfort.



In the function design, the product is embedded with intelligent sensing equipment, such as innovative sound effect photoelectric design, touch start and stop, wireless remote control and other "black technologies", which makes the product have intelligent and humanized functions required by the life of young consumers.



Whether it is the fine selection of material quality, the meticulous design of craft or the innovative design of function, all reflect the craftsmanship spirit of a furniture company, and this spirit also endowed the brand with strong vitality, which is also the reason why those investors who focus on the furniture industry choose to join master furniture of China.



As a strong force in the industry, hwa shifu furniture proves its unique brand charm and bright and bright prospect with advanced fashion design, rigorous manufacturing process, perfect service system and strong product matrix.



Shanghai international furniture fair will last until 14th.