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Master hua furniture 2018 annual national distributor training conference held successfully!

Brand information
2018/10/18 10:15
"Build a profit system and build a million individual stores". From October 14 to 17, the 2018 annual national dealer training conference of master hua furniture was held in the headquarters of huahui furniture. More than 100 dealers from all over the country spent an unforgettable journey together.
This training session is to improve the new retail skills, but also to open up to the year-end sales season. In order to ensure the accurate implementation of the course content, the training will adopt the grouping PK mode for learning. More than 100 students will be divided into eight groups, various PK rules will be set, and the learning effect will be quantified with points to improve the enthusiasm and interaction of students.
Before the start of the course, Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of huahui furniture, delivered the welcome speech, and expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to the friends from distant places. Then, I Shared the team building of master hua's furniture featured "learning-type health iron army". I hope that all the students will study seriously with an empty cup mentality, and put the professional and systematic theoretical knowledge they have mastered into their future work, and the manufacturers will work together to cultivate the brand and achieve a win-win situation.
The joyful rhythm, the wonderful dance opens the wisdom class "the prelude".
The consumer market is getting younger and younger. How to use community marketing to expand a broader market is a pain point for many dealers. The courses of senior marketing teachers in the industry are humorous, encouraging and encouraging, leading students to interact with each other and deepening their understanding and memory of the courses in a relaxed atmosphere.
Furniture market changes with each passing day. How to add value? From the perspective of color and style, the famous design teacher of soft decoration college has taught the skills of value-added service of soft decoration design, grasped the professional characteristics and consumer psychology, and improved the trading volume.
Li hong, director of the market supervision department, recalled his connection with master hua, helped the students to sort out their thoughts with his own experience and understanding of the industry, and analyzed the "fight against the terminal" comprehensively with the product design orientation.
Foshan sanshui production center was shimmering director and production centre, houjie, dongguan new Fang Jianjun manager of the company's products production process, product process, has carried on the wonderful interpretation of the material structure, to the largest extent, solve the problems of the distributors on product knowledge, makes every student in the true sense of furniture, in the future work can provide users with the most professional services.
After three days and four nights of intensive study, the students feel quite a lot, competing to express their learning experience, more representatives of the dealers to share their business ways.
A few days of intense PK and points accumulation, the champion Asia third place award is also out.
It's always a short time to meet, to see faces from strange to familiar, to share sincerity, to win trophies.. All will be remembered by every student..
I wish the family can make use of their knowledge and achieve success in their future work and life.