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Chinese master furniture "love • walking hand in hand happiness walk" public welfare hiking event successfully ended!

Brand information
2018/11/12 10:30



On November 11th, the third "love • walking hand in hand happy walk" activity jointly held by many furniture enterprises and associations, such as huayi furniture, famous home furnishing expo garden, dongguan outdoor hiking association, was held in dongguan tongsha ecological park. This "love · hiking" is themed on health, public welfare and environmental protection, aiming to spread health harmony, public welfare and charity through social fitness activities.



Start ceremony, sports bureau group coco long Mr Li chuang cheng, dongguan city, dongguan, dongguan famous furniture club director, raf, chairman Mr Bing-hui Lin furniture and outdoor hiking association in dongguan, dongguan bo followed by Mr Zhang guohua, chairman of the chamber of commerce, respectively, to advocate everyone to love life, love family, love hiking, public welfare...



This activity got positive response of many enterprises and institutions and social groups, the enthusiasm of participation, attracted dozens of elite team also has a lot of participants is out of our family, with the sunshine, the warm breeze, or groups, or goes hand in hand, everyone in the foot, all kinds of creative photo, the scene laughter constantly.



Dongguan huahui furniture industry co., LTD organized a phalanx of more than 100 people to participate in this activity. In the course of more than 3 hours' journey, the furniture maker of master hua displays the spirit of moving forward and moving upward of the huahui people with happy steps and vigorous posture, becoming a beautiful scenery in the walking tour around the lake.



At the check-in point at 9KM, master hua set the stage and photo wall carefully, so that everyone could leave a special mark in the activity.



At the same time, master hua's furniture also integrated public welfare into the fitness campaign, and donated 50,000 yuan of charity money to social public welfare undertakings in the event, becoming the golden public welfare ambassador of the event, practicing social responsibility with practical actions and delivering positive energy of "public welfare, health and love".



The "love, hiking activities to advocate" full participation, full fitness, it is also a form of people return to the family, let the general public to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in sports, the message with the corporate culture of China master furniture, Chinese teacher is a healthy enterprise attaches great importance to family harmony and life, always in the exploration of the "higher quality life", through the research and development of furniture products design and healthy environmental protection way of life, to improve the quality of people's lives.



No matter the road ahead is difficult, still go forward courageously! This is true hua hui furniture person!