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2019, a new departure!

Brand information
2018/12/31 01:06
Time flies
2018 is almost over
Our life course engraves a growth ring again
What have you learned most about the past year
What is the most unforgettable thing
How many goals did you achieve at the beginning of the year
What are the memorable moments
Look back and accumulate energy
New starting point, we set out again
From March 16th to March 21st, master China furniture's annual masterpieces "BONN BONN" and "JANE JANE" debuted in "the 39th international famous furniture exhibition", leading the upgrade of life style, and won double awards in the "2018 golden games" award ceremony: innovative design award, modern furniture, silver award, innovative design award, Chinese furniture, silver award.
On April 21, the furniture association of master China held a "charity trip for students" in guitou central primary school in shaoguan. Master China adheres to the tenet of "helping each other hand and giving priority to public welfare", actively practices social responsibility and writes a new movement on the road of public welfare!
In may, master China furniture stores opened, "BONN BONN" with the reverence for forest culture and love of life, came to a city after a city: nanjing jinsheng international, hangzhou new era, fuzhou red star macron, foshan Louvre, guangzhou pazhou jisheng weibang, world expo park famous street... To bring to the masses one after another the journey of life in the style of fashion and morality.
On May 16, master furniture BONN BONN world expo park store held the "guangdong Chen design art association designers and home industry" exchange luncheon, master furniture witness home and design marriage, build industry strength together.
On June 14, master China furniture with zhen meaning - "BONN BONN" strong attack "2018 Beijing international home furnishing exhibition and intelligent life festival", again to the public to show the strong vitality of the brand, "pure German style" has attracted attention.
On August 11-14, furniture of Chinese teacher heavy pound appears "the 40th international famous furniture is exhibited", "BONN BONN", "JANE JANE meaning" lift fashionable agitation again.
In the afternoon of August 11th, master China furniture attended the "establishment conference of furniture branch of guangdong furnishing art association", and talked with home furnishing and design colleagues "directly to the terminal" at the BBS summit, to spread the advanced concept of design innovation.
From September 11th to 14th, master China furniture's most "virtuous" lifestyle landed in Shanghai "the 24th China international furniture exhibition", presenting a high-quality, high-grade and high-style solid wood cultural feast for domestic and foreign merchants!
From October 14th to 17th, the "2018 national dealer training conference" of master China furniture was held in the headquarters of huahui furniture, where 100 students Shared wisdom classes and promoted the upgrading of professional services.
On November 7, master furniture won the "excellent case of green supply chain management" in the national home furnishing industry in 2018.
On November 11, master furniture participated in the third "love • walking hand in hand happiness line", donated money for public welfare, was awarded "gold ambassador for public welfare".
On December 21, the "2019 annual operation conference" of master China furniture was successfully held. Master China furniture people never forget their original intention and are ready to move forward!
Time keeps moving forward, no matter whether the past year is a pity or a success, the New Year will have more surprises and beautiful waiting for you! Inheritance of solid wood culture, improve the quality of home, we have been on the road! Thank you for your love and support for the brand of master China in the past year! We will embrace the opportunities and changes of the New Year with a new attitude, and bring you a higher quality of life! 2019, we go forward hand in hand, create brilliant!