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2019/01/24 10:49



On January 23, the 2019 Spring Festival gala of huahui group was held in four seasons hotel. All employees of huahui group, including dongguan huahui furniture industrial co., LTD., foshan sanshui yuanda huahui industrial co., LTD., guangdong yonglihua furniture co., LTD., and dongguan huayi furniture co., LTD., gathered together to celebrate the harvest and achievements of 2018 and look forward to the journey and dream of 2019.



This annual meeting is composed of several links, such as leader's speech, management personnel's toast, commendation for outstanding performance, program performance and spot lottery.


Mr. Lin binghui, chairman of hua hui group


At the beginning of the annual meeting, chairman of hua hui group Mr. Lin binghui delivered a warm speech, extended sincere greetings and festival wishes to hua hui people, and called on everyone to focus on the general outline of the company's three-year plan and the key policy of 2019, put "ingenuity" into practice, and let the company develop to a new level.


Mr. Lin xukun, general manager of the first business department of huahui group


Mr. Lin xutao, general manager of the second business department of hua hui group


Then cause a general manager Mr Lin Xukun and business department general manager Mr Lin Xutao delivered a speech respectively, raf group in 2018, development situation and illustrates in detail the development plan in 2019, the company will be in the product research and development, production and manufacturing, to further improve after-sales service and so on each link, create a better market reputation and social benefits, sets up the profession model.


The group manager toasted all the staff


After 37 years wind and rain baptism, raf from a set of furniture small workshops transformation for research and development, manufacturing, sales in one of the famous furniture enterprises, in the process of growing, have produced a batch of another batch of outstanding staff and outstanding managers, they love the dedication, conscientious, creating extraordinary in ordinary jobs, is our learning model.


Chairman Lin presented awards to the staff of the 10th anniversary contribution award


Chairman Lin presented awards to the excellent staff


Chairman Lin awarded the outstanding management cadres


The climax of the party was the interspersed performances and the lucky draw. The wonderful programs and abundant prizes drew cheers from the audience. Whether the diverse choreography of "good luck" or the free romantic "horse shuffling", extremely rhythmic and creative performance of the waves; The skits "the voice of America" and "pirates of the Caribbean" were even more hilarious and won continuous applause.



The most exciting is lucky lucky draw, tension and fun, surprise and stimulation, rich prizes, bonuses affect the hearts of everyone, round after round of lottery staged, wonderful!


Lucky winner of the material prize


Cash prize winners take a group photo


The specially invited guest -- a song of the famous musician Chen bao 'an from dongguan city, "the local sound and the local feeling" makes the whole evening party more beautiful, and the wide and high-pitched music that challenges the limit makes the audience admire!



In the program selection, elegant classical dance "shu embroidery" won the crown; Second prize for contagious "tianma shuffling", "good luck" and funny sketch "pirates of the Caribbean"; The skit "the voice's got talent", dance "Sugar", "Good time" and the song "pray" won the third prize, which was presented by the chairman of the board, Mr. Lin binghui.


Chairman Lin presented awards to the winning program



Happy time is always short, when the "unforgettable tonight" song sounded, the annual meeting ended. Unforgettable tonight, unforgettable this time together. Yesterday's honor belongs to the past, tomorrow's journey is a long way to go, in the New Year, hua hui people will be more confident pace, more full of enthusiasm, more professional service, in order to consolidate the leading position in the industry, improve brand value and efforts!